Country Leaflet

SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
TCP/BGD/3607 Addressing Feed Shortages through Exploration of Unconventional Feed Resources for Accelerated Livestock Development in Bangladesh 2018 2019250,000$
TCP/BGD/3608/C5 TCPF: Technical Assistance to Agriculture Census-2018 in Bangladesh 2018 201954,000$
TCP/BGD/3609 Improved post-harvest handling and processing techniques for value addition of cashew nuts and coffee in the Chittagong Hill Tracts 2018 2019375,000$
TCP/BGD/3602/C1 TCPF: Impact Assessment of Satla-Bagda Drainage and Flood Control Project 2017 201843,000$
TCP/BGD/3603/C2 TCPF: Integrated Agricultural Development and Nutritional Improvement in NW Region of Bangladesh 2017 201850,000$
TCP/BGD/3604 Development of Agricultural Diploma Education in Bangladesh 2017 2018166,000$
TCP/BGD/3605/C3 TCPF: Updating of FAO Bangladesh Country Programming Framework 2017 201866,000$
TCP/BGD/3601 Technical Support for Stock Assessment of Marine Resources in Bangladesh 2016 2018345,000$
SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
GCP /BGD/064/GAF Increasing Access to Finance for Farmers Organizations in Bangladesh 2018 20202,480,000$
OSRO/BGD/801/SWE Livelihoods Recovery for Agricultural and Fishing Communities affected by the Refugee Crisis in Cox`s Bazar 2018 2018500,000$
GCP /BGD/063/EC Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge (MUCH):Strengthening the enabling environment for food security and nutrition 2017 20208,492,569$
OSRO/BGD/704/IOM Emergency Nutrition and Food Security Intervention for People Affected by the Refugee Crisis in Cox`s Bazar 2017 20194,020,600$
GCP /BGD/065/GFF Preparation of full project investment for pesticide risk reduction in Bangladesh (PPG) 2017 2018200,000$
OSRO/BGD/703/BEL Emergency support for small-scale livestock farmers in flood-affected communities of Bangladesh 2017 2018300,000$
OSRO/BGD/705/IRE Piloting of Alternative Cooking Fuel for Highly-Vulnerable, Newly-Arrived Rohingya Refugees in Jamtoli Camp 2017 2018500,000$
OSRO/BGD/505/USA Improving food security and public health through strengthened veterinary services in Bangladesh 2015 20198,874,142$
GCP /BGD/059/USA Meeting the Undernutrition Challenge (MUCH): Strengthening the enabling environment for food security and nutrition - AID-388-IO-15-00001 2015 20209,743,678$
GCP /BGD/058/USA Strengthening National Forest Inventory and Satellite Land Monitoring System in support of REDD+ in Bangladesh 2015 20186,456,087$
GCP /BGD/054/USA Institutionalization of Food Safety in Bangladesh for Safer Food 2013 20195,000,000$
GCP /BGD/053/USA Strengthening the Environment, Forestry and Climate Change Capacities of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and its Agencies 2013 20184,153,174$
GCP /BGD/047/NET Improving Food Safety in Bangladesh 2012 201815,624,998$
UNJP/BGD/057/UNJ-GLOBAL UN-REDD Bangladesh National Programme 2015 20191,070,000$