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CSF45 Side Event

Brazil – FAO Trilateral South-South Cooperation on Food Security and Nutrition

Green Room (FAO Headquarters)
Start: 13:00  Rome time

In the last two decades, Brazil has achieved significant results in the fight to hunger and rural poverty due to a comprehensive set of public policies on Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) based on the Human Right to adequate food. For this reason, Brazil has become a reference on FNS, arousing great interest of the international community, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In order to share the Brazilian experiences in the area, Brazil and FAO established, in 2008, a Global Trilateral South-South Cooperation Program, which started its activities in Latin America and Caribbean. This successful partnership involves the Brazilian Government, through the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and more than 15 Brazilian Ministries; FAO through its network of Regional and country offices; and countries from the region. Throughout this decade, Brazil has invested almost USD 60 million in more than 30 projects.

The objectives of the Programme are building institutional capacities of governments to elaborate, implement and monitor effective and inclusive policies to end hunger, as well as strengthening permanent and multi-stakeholders dialogue spaces on FNS. The main axis of the Programme are: i) strengthening of sustainable and integrated school feeding programmes to promote healthy eating habits and provide institutional markets to local family farmers; ii) strengthening of family farming, through a comprehensive set of policies that encompass technical assistance, credit and social protection; and iii) strengthening of FSN Governance that ensures the necessary articulation among different sectors and multi-stakeholders participation.

After 10 years, the Programme achieved important results, especially in terms of fostering strategic alliances at regional and national levels for FNS, promoting a parading shift of FNS as a fundamental means to ensure inclusive and sustainable development, supporting the reform of legal and policy frameworks, and expanded access of family farmers to institutional markets.

What are the major lessons learned of Brazil - FAO Trilateral South-South Cooperation Programme? How can the programme contribute to address the emerging challenges for FNS in the region, especially regarding the increasing obesity rates and the climate change negative impacts on livelihoods? What are the key innovations foreseen for the following years? These are the key questions that this side event will address.

Topics: Food Security
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