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The Resources section holds archived publications and multimedia materials related to family farming general issues.

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MOUNTAIN AGRICULTURE - Opportunities for harnessing Zero Hunger in Asia

Why does mountain agriculture deserve special attention in a Zero Hunger context? Firstly, because hunger remains common in many mountainous areas. While on a global scale, food insecurity has tended to go down, mountain dwellers have fared worse than people living in plains. Secondly, because mountains cover a large part...
2019 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO

The Global Launch of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028)

27-29 May, 2019
Provisional AgendaThe Global Launch of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028)27-29 May, 2019FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy
2019 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

La Cooperación Intra-MERCOSUR (2005-2015)

Análisis de siete sectores
Con el objetivo de identificar y caracterizar las distintas formas de cooperación entre los Estados Parte del MERCOSUR en la década 2005/2015, la Unidad Técnica de Cooperación Internacional (UTCI), realizó un estudio en el ámbito de siete sectores de trabajo: agricultura familiar, ciencia y tecnología, género, educación, integración productiva, medio...
2019 - Mercosur

Blog article
Why is family farming better for the environment?

Not only is family farming providing jobs and food in the world’s most food insecure areas such as Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Near East, they also provide a useful model for how agriculture can help redress environmental degradation.While smallholder family farms differ greatly across the regions, they play...

Working paper
Characteristics of Smallholder Farm Households in Upper Egypt

Implications for nutrition-sensitive agricultural interventions
This paper characterizes smallholder farm households in Upper Egypt based on data from a comprehensive farm household survey. The results from the descriptive analysis in combination with findings from the global literature provide recommendations on how agricultural projects can be leveraged for improving nutrition. The importance of focusing on nutrition...
2019 - IFPRI

Blog article
Letter from a Farm

Who grows the food we eat? Who sows the seeds, tends the soil, picks the fruits and harvests the carrots? At ARC, we want to put faces to our food. Agroecology is not one fixed way of doing agriculture, rather it is a philosophy, set of practices, and way of engaging...
European Union
2019 - ARC2020

Viva Maria: Mulheres rurais, em campanha, transformam indignação em poesia

Na certeza de que “Dias Melhores virão", frase que viralizou na internet ao longo das comemorações do 8 de março, Viva Maria hoje também compartilha algumas mensagens que recebeu através do WhatsApp. E em nome desse seu fazer poesia, fazer agricultura familiar, eu compartilho com a nossa audiência a alegria de...
2019 - Secretaria de Agricultura Familiar e Cooperativismo

Evidencias científicas sobre la producción ecológica

La Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica/Agroecológica (SEAE) ha publicado el trabajo Evidencias científicas sobre la producción ecológica que trata de mostrar, a través de evidencias, los beneficios de este tipo de producción. Este documento es apoyado por más de cincuenta entidades del ámbito académico, ambientalista, empresarial y del asociacionismo del sector ecológico...

Blog article
France, Agroecology & the Coming CAP Reform

Agroecology is much talked about, and practiced in many regions, but how does it relate to the word of policy-making? In some countries such as France, agroecology forms the basis of emerging agri-food policy – albeit in a contested and sometimes contradictory way.  Since the time of ecologically progressive Agriculture Minister...
European Union
2019 - ARC2020

Les batailles du consommer local en Afrique de l'Ouest

 En Afrique de l’Ouest, la forte croissance démographique et l’urbanisation rapide ont changé les caractéristiques démographiques de notre population : en 1961, 80 % des 70 millions d’ouest-africains étaient paysans ; en 2011, ils n’étaient plus que 56 % des 342 millions ; en 2050, ils pourraient n’être que 37...
2019 - CFSI

Paysans et finance agricole au Niger

Ce film illustre une expérience pilote (2016-2018) de renforcement des compétences de 12 organisations paysannes du Niger en finance agricole afin d’améliorer leur accès au financement de leurs activités économiques.
2019 - SOS Faim luxembourg

Blog article
Spanish Coalition “Por Otra PAC” is Born

Following the lead of French, German and Italian food and farming coalitions, this March saw the launch of Coalición Por Otra PAC, a chance for Spanish civil society to join forces to push for a truly sustainable CAP. 
2019 - ARC2020

Marché à bétail autogérés

Le Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM) a engagé un travail de capitalisation des acquis des éleveurs en matière d’organisation des marchés à bétail en Afrique de l’Ouest. Cette vidéo met en avant des enseignements tirés des formes d’organisation des marchés à bétail dans les différents pays. Si de nombreux efforts sont...
2019 - Réseau Billital Maroobé (RBM)

4p1000 Initiative: Using Agriculture to Fight Climate Change

The 4p1000 Initiative is the ONLY climate agreement that puts AGRICULTURE at the center of how we deal with climate change. Watch the video to see how farmers on every continent are using healthy soil to create healthy people and a healthy environment.
2019 - Regeneration International

Blog article
Spanish Coalition “Por Otra PAC” is Born

Following the lead of French, German and Italian food and farming coalitions, this March saw the launch of Coalición Por Otra PAC, a chance for Spanish civil society to join forces to push for a truly sustainable CAP. 
2019 - ARC2020

Reunión Especializada en Agricultura Familiar

La Reunión Especializada en Agricultura Familiar (REAF) del Mercosur es un órgano asesor vínculado al Grupo de Mercado Comun (GMC), basada en el díalogo político, creado en 2004 (Resolución GMC 11/2004) con al finalidad de fortalecer las políticas públicas para el sector, promover el comercio de los productos de la...
2019 - Reunión Especializada en Agricultura Familiar (REAF) del Mercosur

Small-scale farming and agroecology

The intensive production of livestock, poultry, fish and crops, is environmentally damaging. This is because industrial farming can affect the soil, water and climate. The answer lies in promoting less intensive farming methods, known as agroecology. In this week’s episode, Rachel Wynberg the bio-economy research chair at the University of Cape...
2019 - The Conversation

Magazine article
Cooperativismo solidário para o alcance dos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável

Mundialmente, três milhões de cooperativas contribuem significamente com o crescimento econômico, com geração de empregos estáveis e de qualidade, de acordo com a ACI. São mais de 280 milhões de pessoas em todo o mundo trabalhando em cooperativas, o que representa 10% da população empregada. Além disso, as 300 maiores...
2019 - União Nacional das Cooperativas da Agricultura Familiar e Economia Solidária (UNICAFES)

Journal article
Agricultores familiares passam a abastecer 100% das escolas públicas do DF

Quase 500 mil alunos serão beneficiados; 7 mil pequenos produtores foram cadastrados no Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar.
Todas as escolas públicas do Distrito Federal passaram a receber, a partir desde mês, alimentos cultivados em pequenas propriedades rurais de Brasília. Ao todo, 7 mil chácaras de agricultura familiar foram cadastradas para o Programa Nacional de Alimentação Escolar (PNAE). A entrega dos produtos, direto da horta, é feita toda segunda-feira...
2019 - Empresa de Assistência Técnica e Extensão Rural do Distrito Federal (Emater)

EU Agriculture Atlas

The report is split both geographically and thematically. First it breaks down the different components of the CAP, introducing the history of the policy, it’s two-pillar system and it’s funding system. Then it delves into the nature and implications of the CAP on the ground, for even the same policy...
European Union
2019 - Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin, Germany Friends of the Earth Europe, Brussels, Belgium BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, Brussels, Belgium
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