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Life on the Stjörnugrís Farm in Iceland

A story of a Czech boy working on a farm in Iceland

An Icelandic Family Farm Finds Roots in Their Traditions

Part of what’s special about the Göngur is that it’s not just one farm bringing home their horses, but the whole community. The atmosphere is celebratory in that unique way where people who know each other well are working together towards a common goal. That said, it also felt like...
2014 - National Geographic

Site web
Fighting to Save the Icelandic Goat

Háafell is the only commercial and breeding goat farm in Iceland and it works specifically with one of the world’s oldest and rarest breed of goats: the Iceland Goat. For years, the Icelandic Goat has been teetering on the verge of extinction. At one point, the Icelandic Goat population had...
2014 - modern farmer

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Bjarteyjarsandur Farm in Iceland

Bjarteyjarsandur Farm is northwest of Reykjavík in Hvalfjörður Iceland.  It is nestled on the north side of a mountainous fjord between acres of rolling hills and the mussel-filled coastline. María Reynisdóttir Kynningarstjóri, the Communications Manager at Icelandic Farm Holidays, suggested Bjarteyjarsandur as the perfect place to learn more about Icelandic farm...
2013 - Farm-Based education network

Étude de cas
Fisheries in Transition

50 Interviews with the Fishing Sector
This report provides 50 interviews from fisheries that are moving towards sustainability. It takes the approach of speaking to those who are directly involved in fishing, earn their livelihoods on a daily basis from fishing and often work at the sharp end in dangerous conditions. These are the people, together...
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2012 - Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit

Screening report - Iceland

Agriculture and Rural Development
Iceland indicated that its agricultural policy and administration is tailor-made to the domestic circumstances, scope and nature of agriculture. Iceland has therefore indicated that it does not intend to make changes in policy, administration or its legislation until the Accession Treaty has been accepted in a referendum in Iceland. Iceland...

Article de revue
Sheep farming – a cultural heritage

Sheep farming is practiced throughout Iceland, although it is most common in sparsely settled areas. About 2,000 farmers are engaged in sheep farming. Icelandic sheep are short-tailed and belong to a breed formerly common in north western Europe, but now only to be found in very few areas of the...
2010 - The Icelandic Lamb Marketing Board
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