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Circular Letters

Code Issued Title Deadline EN FR ES AR ZH RU
CL 2017/01-CPL01/17Request for comments at step 3 on the proposed draft standard for quinoa27/02/2017
CL 2017/11-NFSDU01/17Request for Comments on the amendment to the Procedural Manual: the Nutritional Risk Analysis Principles and Guidelines for Application to the work of the CCNFSDU (Section 6 – Selection of risk assessor by CCNFSDU)30/05/2017
CL 2017/10-NFSDU01/17Request for Comments at Step 5/8 and 8 on the NRV-R for vitamins D and E and the conversion factors for vitamin E equivalents30/05/2017
CL 2017/05-MAS01/17Request for Comments on the Practical Examples of Sampling Plans15/03/2017
CL 2017/08-NEA01/17Request for comments at Step 3 on the Proposed Draft Regional Standard for Doogh15/04/2017
CL 2017/18-PR01/17Request for information on national registration of pesticide compounds. Countries should please reply by completing the Excel file attached to the CL in English and return the completed spreadsheet as indicated in the CL. 15/03/2017
CL 2017/03-MMP01/17Request for Comments: Analysis of Responses to CL 2016/46-MMP: Draft Standard for Dairy Permeate Powders31/03/2017
CL 2017/12-PR02/17Request for comments on the establishment of the Codex schedules and priority lists of pesticides for evaluation by JMPR 15/03/2017
CL 2017/25-CF02/17Request for comments at Step 3 on the proposed draft Code of Practice for the Prevention and Reduction of Arsenic Contamination in Rice20/03/2017
CL 2017/28-CF02/17Request for comments at Step 3 on the proposed draft Code of Practice for the Prevention and Reduction of Mycotoxin Contamination in Spices20/03/2017
CL 2017/23-CF02/17Request for comments at Steps 3 and 6 on the proposed draft and draft revised maximum levels for lead in selected fruits and vegetables (fresh and processed) and other selected food categories in the GSCTFF (CODEX STAN 193-1995)20/03/2017
CL 2017/27-CF02/17Request for comments at Step 3 on the proposed draft Annex on the prevention and reduction of ergots and ergot alkaloids contamination in cereal grains (for inclusion in CAC/RCP 51-2003)20/03/2017
Updated on: 05-01-2017
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