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Cartas circulares

Código Publicada Titulo Plazo EN FR ES AR ZH RU
CL 2020/05(REV)-PR05/20Request for comments and information on the schedules and priority lists of pesticides for evaluation by JMPR30/06/2020
CL 2020/04/OCS-AMR01/20Request for comments at Step 5 on the proposed draft revised Code of practice to contain and minimize AMR30/04/2020
CL 2020/02/OCS-FICS01/20Request for Comments at Step 3 on the Proposed Draft Guidelines on recognition and maintenance of equivalence of National Food Control Systems (NFCS)01/05/2020
CL 2020/06(REV1)-PR05/20Petición de observaciones sobre las recomendaciones de las reuniones conjuntas FAO/OMS sobre residuos de plaguicidas (JMPR) de 201931/01/2021
CL 2020/07/OCS-NE01/20Request for Comments at Step 8 on the draft Standard for Mixed Zaatar30/04/2020
CL 2020/09/OCS-FL01/20Request for comments on the proposed draft approach and criteria for evaluation and prioritization of the work of CCFL30/09/2020
CL 2020/08-FL01/20Request for information on future work and emerging issues30/04/2020
CL 2020/10-PR06/20Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed: Request for comments on the revised Class C – Primary Animal Feed Commodities15/09/2020
CL 2020/11-PR06/20Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed: Request for comments on the revised Class D – Processed foods of plant origin15/09/2020
CL 2020/12-PR06/20Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed: Request for comments on tables on examples of representative commodities for commodity groups in different types under Class C and Class D (for inclusion in the Principles and Guidance for the Selection of Representative Commodities for the Extrapolation of MRLs for Pesticides to Commodity Group (CXG 84-2012))15/09/2020
CL 2020/13(REV)-PR05/20Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed: Class B – Primary food commodities of animal origin - Harmonization of meat mammalian maximum residue limits between CCPR and CCRVDF31/08/2020
CL 2020/14-PR06/20Proposed Guidelines for compounds of low public health concerns that could be exempted from the establishment of CXLs31/08/2020
CL 2020/15/OCS-NASWP01/20Request for Comments at Step 5 on the proposed draft Regional Standard for Fermented Noni Fruit Juice30/04/2020
CL 2020/17-RVDF02/20Request for comments on MRLs for veterinary drugs tissues30/11/2020
CL 2020/18-RVDF02/20Request for comments on the priority list of veterinary drugs for evaluation by JECFA30/11/2020
CL 2020/25-CPL01/20Request for comments: Analysis of Responses to CL 2019/92-CPL: grain size in the in the standard for quinoa 15/03/2020
CL 2020/19/OCS-CF02/20Request for comments on the Proposed draft maximum levels for cadmium in chocolates and cocoa-derived products30/06/2020
CL 2020/20/OCS-CF02/20Proposed draft Code of practice for the prevention and reduction of cadmium contamination in cocoa beans30/06/2020
CL 2020/21/OCS-CF02/20Proposed draft MLs for lead in selected commodities for inclusion in the GSCTFF (CXS 193-1995)30/06/2020
CL 2020/22/OCS-CF01/20Proposed draft revision of the Code of Practice for the prevention and reduction of lead contamination in foods (CXS 56-2004)30/06/2020
CL 2020/23/OCS-CF01/20Proposed draft MLs for total aflatoxins in certain cereals and cereal-based products including foods for infants and young children30/06/2020
CL 2020/24-CF01/20Priority list of contaminants and naturally occurring toxicants for evaluation by JECFA28/01/2021
CL 2020/16/OCS-NASWP01/20Request for Comments at Step 5 on the proposed draft Regional Standard for Kava products for use as a beverage when mixed with water30/04/2020
CL 2020/03/OCS-FICS02/20Request for Comments at Step 3 on the Proposed Draft Consolidated Codex Guidelines related to Equivalence01/05/2020
CL 2020/01/OCS-FICS02/20Request for Comments, at Step 3, on the Proposed Draft Guidance on Paperless use of electronic certificates – (Revision of the Guidelines for Design, Production, Issuance and Use of Generic Official Certificates – CXG 38-2001)01/05/2020
CL 2020/26/OCS-FICS02/20Request for Comments on the Draft Principles and Guidelines for the assessment and use of voluntary Third-Party Assurance (vTPA) programmes (Updated Text)01/05/2020
CL 2020/27/OCS-MAS03/20Request for comments at Step 3 on the proposed draft revised General Guidelines on Sampling 31/05/2020
CL 2020/28/OCS rev-CAC03/20Request for comments on the Proposed Amendment of the Standard for Canned Sardines and Sardine-Type Products (CXS 94-1981)31/05/2020
CL 2020/29/OCS-MAS03/20Request for comments: review of CXS 234: dairy package and fats and oils package30/06/2020
CL 2020/32-FH04/20Request for proposals for new work and/or revision of existing Standards01/09/2020
CL 2020/30-NFSDU04/20Request for proposals for new work and emerging issues01/09/2020
CL 2020/33-AFRICA04/20Request for nomination of the Regional Coordinator26/06/2020
CL 2020/31/OCS-MAS05/20Solicitud de observaciones sobre: i) Proyecto de revisión de las Directrices sobre la incertidumbre en la medición; ii) Documento de información sobre los procedimientos para la estimación de la incertidumbre en la medición, y iii) criterios para seleccionar métodos de Tipo II de varios métodos de Tipo III30/06/2020
CL 2020/34-FA06/20Request for Comments: Expanded Mandates for Electronic Working Groups established by CCFA5115/07/2020
CL 2020/35-FA06/20Request for proposals for change and/or addition to Section 3 of the Class Names and International Numbering System for Food Additives (CXG 36-1989)15/09/2020
CL 2020/36-FA06/20Request for proposals for new and/or revision of food additive provisions of the GSFA15/01/2021
CL 2020/37-FA06/20Request for information and comments on the priority list of substances proposed for evaluation by JECFA15/01/2021
CL 2020/38/OCS-SCH06/20Request for comments, (at Step 3) on the proposed draft Standard for Nutmeg30/09/2020
CL 2020/40-PR07/20Request for comments on the management of unsupported compounds without public health concerns scheduled for periodic review. 20/09/2020
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