Forest and Farm Facility

The Forest and Farm Facility provides direct financial support and technical assistance to strengthen forest and farm producer organizations representing smallholders, rural women’s groups, local communities and indigenous peoples’ institutions. Collectively, forest and farm producers have the potential to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to respond to climate change at landscape scales. A partnership between FAO, IIED, IUCN and Agricord, the Forest and Farm Facility is funded by the EU through the FAO-EU FLEGT programme, Finland, Germany, Norway through the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism of FAO, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States of America.


In this report published by We Effect (FFF partner), you can read about how economic interests combined with climate change are increasing global pressure on land and natural resources. At the same time civic space is shrinking and defenders of human rights and the environment are being threatened and murdered....
Forest-based communities play a key role in protecting forest resources and improving theresilience of forest-dependent people in times of crisis. Sophie Grouwels from FFF will make some closing remarks.
Many countries have been trying to solve climate change with more corporates to participate. However, with multi-million dollars flowing into the market, what will be the most effective ways to finance the projects. Moreover, will there be any innovative solution to minimize loss and maximize climate benefits.
The sixth edition of this biennial publication showcases the breadth of work and main achievements and partnerships of FAO Forestry in implementing the FAO Strategic Objectives as well as its linkages to the SDGs. It presents more than 35 stories and case studies demonstrating the impact of FAO Forestry’s work in...
Forest farmer exchange visits play a significant role in sharing new ideas and techniques to encourage the sustainable incorporation of trees into farm landscapes. On behalf of the Forest and Farm Facility, IUCN organised an exchange visit from Nepal, Viet Nam and Myanmar to the Khao Chakhan Community Forest Enterprise...
While the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed, and made worse, deeply entrenched vulnerability and inequality in our society, it has shown how local communities and grassroots organisations are indispensable in championing any change and are already innovating to build a better future.