Forest and Farm Facility


The issue draws together a series of initiatives conducted by gra groups and networks of smallholder farmers members of MVIWATA. Collective Actions by MVIWATA Network Members in Njombe District,  a Vital Strategy in Overcoming Farmers' Challenges.
This guide launched by FAO and the FFF helps producer organizations representing smallholder farmers to gather data on trees on farms and develop commercial tree inventories. These inventories can be used to inform business plans for forest and timber products.
Connected with nature and forests, indigenous women from the forests are providing solutions to climate change and the world's environmental problems based on our traditional knowledge and the strength of their communities.
Cinq hectares de terres dégradées ont été reboisés jeudi dans la préfecture de la Binah. Au total 1000 plants de différentes espèces locales ont été mis en terre dans la forêt sacrée de Kpandoublou dans le canton de Kétao. Il s’agit de l’activité phare de la campagne ‘Tree planting’ organisée...
Charcoal production alone contributes to almost a quarter of the country’s deforestation, with 300,000 hectares of forests a year lost to tree felling. In a new policy brief, researchers with CIFOR outline actions that must be taken to curb misinformation among communities and strengthen weak restrictions around tree cutting to...
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