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  • Online Discussion from 6-20 February: Connecting people, sharing knowledge and increasing transparency. Using online platforms to increase access to open data, share best practices for monitoring women's land rights

    Given the rapid expansion of the internet and the increasing number of users, including in the global South, the full potential of online platforms for promoting inclusive consultation of issues of high global interest is certainly not yet realised. An online discussion was organised to share views and perspectives on how online platforms could be used more creatively and effectively to share experiences on a key area where information and lessons learned through various interventions from around the world are generally dispersed, that is the area of monitoring women’s land rights. The[...]
  • New course: Linking emergency aid to food and nutrition security 15 – 26 April, 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Wageningen UR-Centre for Development Innovation is organising a new course on Linking Emergency Aid to Food and Nutrition Security. The course offers participants a chance to gain insight in the inter-disciplinary and integrated nature of food and nutrition security in an emergency setting, in particular the role of stakeholders, institutions, and innovative governance/donor interventions to build resilience. In addition, it stimulates participants to consider their own role as manager, policy maker or practitioner, making use of a wide range of principles and tools, to strengthen their[...]
  • Asia Pacific Food Situation Update

    Themes: Typhoon Bopha hits Philippines banana harvest hard Global food prices fall slightly in November Afghan domestic wheat flour prices rising Asia cereals harvest at record level in 2012 Iran paying higher prices for commodities because of sanctions Viet Nam achieves record rice exports Indonesia and the Philippines likely to cut rice imports Scientists unlock key sections of wheat genome Favourable weather helping Afghan wheat crop Russian wheat threatened by coldest winter in years[...]
  • New Right to Food website now online!

    The new Right to Food website has been launched today on Human Rights Day, 10 December . In addition to a new design, improved functionalities and user friendly navigation , this website also displays the diverse work of the Right to Food in FAO. The Team’s work at global, national, sub-national and regional level is divided into both Projects and according to activities in the Our Work section making it easier for users to find the information needed. A strong feature of the website is the Publications section, where you will find information on all aspects related to the human right to food[...]
  • The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA 2012) - Investing in Agriculture for a better future

    The 2012 edition of The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA 2012) - Investing in Agriculture for a better future was just released. Investing in agriculture is essential for reducing hunger and promoting sustainable agricultural production. Those parts of the world where investments in agriculture have stagnated are the epicentres of poverty and hunger today. Demand growth over the coming decades will place increasing pressure on the natural resource base. Eradicating hunger sustainably will require a significant increase in agricultural investments, and an improvement in their effectiveness[...]
  • New FAO report focuses on investments in developing countries

    Trends and impacts of foreign investment in developing country agriculture - Evidence from case studies Large-scale international investments in developing country agriculture, especially acquisitions of agricultural land, continue to raise international concern. Certainly, complex and controversial issues – economic, political, institutional, legal and ethical – are raised in relation to food security, poverty reduction, rural development, technology and access to land and water resources. Yet at the same time, some developing countries are making strenuous efforts to attract foreign[...]
  • Scaling Up Nutrition: Strengthening Institutional Capacity

    U.S. leadership in the global movement to scale up nutrition has led to increased investments in U.S. health, food security, and nutrition programs. We need to assess nutrition resources available to U.S. Government agencies, to implementing partners, and to country governments and civil society. Do they have sufficient technical capacity in nutrition to “scale up” programs? How well-equipped is the U.S. government to support country-led efforts and help sustain their momentum and progress? How can we further build our capacity? An approach to nutrition that crosses government departments,[...]
  • Hidden Hunger - From Assessment to Solutions

    The University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany is organising the International Congress on Hidden Hunger , March 6-9, 2013. The Congress has three objectives: 1.) To create awareness of the global problem Hidden Hunger. 2.) To get scientific issues on the agenda of policy makers, academicians, politicians and industry. 3.) To discuss solutions to address the worldwide micronutrient deficiencies. Scientists from different areas, field workers, members of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and representatives from administration, management and policy will be invited to discuss the[...]
  • FSN Forum publication - Online discussions that make a difference

    The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition Online discussions that make a difference This special publication showcases some of the FSN Forum's most significant discussions in recent years, on central topics and trends in food security, nutrition, and beyond. From food security concepts to climate change, and from street foods to global governance, see what happens when you “do knowledge sharing right”! Click here to download the publication[...]