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Policy measures taken by governments to reduce the impact of soaring prices
(as of 11 July 2008)


   [May 2008] Government to government contracts being negotiated to import wheat via Pakistan and Kazakhstan.
   [May 2008] Eliminated VAT on grain, rice and flour imports.
   [May 2008] Eliminated customs on grain and rice imports.
   [May 2008] Wheat production subsidy will be increased to AZN 50 per hectare from AZN 40 per hectare.
   [May 2008] Ban on export of all non-aromatic rices as of May 7th, 2008 for six months.
   [Jun 2008] Will raise emergency food stocks by 300 percent to 3.2 million tonnes in 2008/09.
   [May 2008] Officially started this year's minimum price purchase program for wheat. The four-month program will last until September 30. The threshold price for white wheat is RMB 1.54 per kilogram. The threshold price for red and mixed wheat is RMB 1.44 per kg. The 2008 purchase prices represent increases of 6.94 percent for white wheat and 4.35 percent for red and mixed wheat compared to 2007.
   [Jun 2008] Reduced import duty from 12 percent to 6 percent on frozen pork and from 5 percent to 2 percent on meals (soybean meal, peanut meal, etc).
   [Jun 2008] Exclusive supplies of diesel fuel will be available for farm vehicles during the cereal harvest.
   [Jun 2008] Exports to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will be allowed despite export ban.
   [May 2008] Removed ban on export of non-basmati rice, edible oil and pulses to Bhutan.
   [Jul 2008] Support price for wheat increased to IDR 10 000 per tonne for the 2008/09 marketing year, compared with IDR 8 500 per tonne in 2007/08.
   [Jul 2008] Bans export of maize until October 15.
   [Jun 2008] Increase fertilizer subsidy to a total budget of USD 1.8 billion (up 240 percent).
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
   [Jul 2008] Abolished import duty on rice, potato and kinno from Pakistan. (Rice duty was 150%.)
   [Jun 2008] Export duties introduced on wheat, flour, vegetable oil and some seeds.
   [May 2008] Monthly release of imported rice (ST15) to market to be raised by 9 000 tonnes to 20 000 tonnes.
   [May 2008] Malaysia, the world's second-largest producer of palm oil after Indonesia, announced that it is ready to offer palm oil in exchange for rice.
   [Jun 2008] Some rice imports to be subsidized. Price caps to be implemented on Super Special Tempatan 5 percent and Super Special Tempatan 10 percent at MYR 2.8 per kg and MYR 2.7 per kg respectively from June.
   [Jun 2008] Guaranteed minimum price for producers raised from MYR 650 to MYR 750 per tonne.
   [Jun 2008] To increase domestic production, rice area will be increased in the eastern states of Sabah and Sarandak.
   [May 2008] Increasing state emergency food stocks by 15,000 tons.
   [May 2008] The private sector is permitted to import wheat and the 10 percent import duty is waived.
Syrian Arab Republic
   [May 2008] State salaries were raised by 25 percent.
Viet Nam
   [Jul 2008] Rice export ban is lifted.