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1.5. Installing WinDisp Version 3.5

The current version of WinDisp, and future updates can be obtained from the FAO GIEWS at . The latest versions of WinDisp, including the beta versions of upcoming releases when available, are also posted by Eric Pfirman at http://Ag.Arizona.Edu/~epfirman/ .

To install WinDisp3.5 on your computer:
If you are installing WinDisp from CD-ROM, place the CD-ROM in your computer and access the \Windisp3 directory using Windows Explorer, close all other open applications and run (double click) the file setup.exe. If you have downloaded WinDisp from the Internet, locate the file, unzip into a temporary directory, and run setup.exe.

The WinDisp installation program will ask the user to confirm the creation of the WinDisp3.5 directory in c:\windisp3. Users can modify the location in which to install the latest version of WinDisp (i.e. in cases where you which to maintain earlier version of the software). If a previous version of WinDisp3.x exists on your computer, the setup routine will write over the older version of the software unless another directory is specified. The installation process can be aborted at any time by clicking the Exit Setup button. After selecting the installation directory, click on the computer icon to start installing the software. After a few minutes the installation routine will indicate it has finished installing WinDisp3.5.

To operate WinDisp3.5 in French:

Following the installation of WinDisp3.5 open the Windisp.ini file on your computer and add the line:

under the [Windisp] section.

WinDisp users are encouraged to visit the FAO GIEWS WinDisp website at and the WinDisp website maintained by Eric Pfirman at http://Ag.Arizona.Edu/~epfirman/ for updates and information concerning the latest developments in WinDisp.

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This manual was prepared by the Global Information and Early Warning System of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
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