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Food Policy and Market Developments

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The government recently announced an agreement with the Government of the United States of America to implement a duty-free tariff quota (TRQ) for wheat. The agreement allows for the importation [...]
On 12 March, the government approved new minimum guarantee prices for all wheat grain varieties and wheat seeds for the 2019/20 (July/June) agricultural season. Prices were adjusted to reflect higher [...]
On 28 February, changes to the 2012 Ley de Concertación Tributaria (tax concertation law) came into effect, in an effort to increase domestic revenue mobilization. With the new tax reform, [...]
On 20 February, the Government of Zimbabwe introduced a new currency, known as the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) dollar, which merges the surrogate bond note and electronic dollars; local [...]
The Ministry of Economy and Finance recently announced the temporary suspension of the Value Added Tax on imported rice. Rice is a staple food in the country and over 80 [...]
On 15 February, the Government adopted the Rice Tariffication Bill, which will become effective on 3 March 2019. The Bill replaces quantitative restrictions on rice imports with a 35 percent [...]
The Government announced the new maximum retail prices (MRP) for rice, which will become effective on 1 April 2019. The price of Nadu rice has been set at LKR 80 [...]
The Government allocated LKR 5 billion (USD 28 million) to purchase paddy from the 2019 main Maha crop, about to be harvested and expected at a bumper level, well above [...]
On 12 January, the Government of Zimbabwe announced a sharp increase in fuel prices, which became effective on 13 January. The prices of diesel and gasoline more than doubled to [...]
On 10 January, the Government ordered the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to purchase 2 million 90-kg bags from farmers at a price of KES 2 500 (USD 24.39) [...]
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