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Food Policy and Market Developments

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The Government announced it will keep the 2020 minimum support price for wheat at CNY 2 240 (USD 317) per tonne, the same as in the past year (FPMA Food [...]
Amid steep inflation rates, the Government has raised the producer prices of maize and other grains, including sorghum and millet, from ZWL 2 100 per tonne to ZWL 4 000 [...]
On 1 October, the Government started the purchases of key crops, maize and beans, of the main 2019 “spring-summer” season, harvesting of which recently started. The support price for maize [...]
The Food Contract Corporation, the national body managing the state grain reserves, increased the procurement prices for 2019 grains on 24 September. Purchasing prices for wheat fall under selected ranges [...]
The Government recently announced the cut of custom duties on soft wheat from 135 percent, set in May this year (FPMA Food Policies) to 35 percent starting from 1 October. [...]
On August 25, the Government, in agreement with millers, retailers and grain traders, introduced a cap on maize grain prices at ZWK 2 600 (USD 198) per tonne. The measure [...]
On 17 July, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Government of Pakistan imposed a ban on the exports of wheat and wheat flour. Below-average irrigation water supplies and reduced [...]
In early July, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the Government parastatal mandated to manage the national strategic stock and engage in market facilitation, increased the purchasing price of maize by [...]
The Government of India increased the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for the 2019 “Kharif” crops, now being planted and to be harvested from September onwards. The Government raised the MSP [...]
On 1 July, the Government announced the further extension of the zero duty on wheat exports until 1 July 2021. The wheat export duty was suspended in September 2016 (FPMA [...]
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