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Food Policy and Market Developments

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In early July, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the Government parastatal mandated to manage the national strategic stock and engage in market facilitation, increased the purchasing price of maize by [...]
The Government of India increased the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for the 2019 “Kharif” crops, now being planted and to be harvested from September onwards. The Government raised the MSP [...]
On 1 July, the Government announced the further extension of the zero duty on wheat exports until 1 July 2021. The wheat export duty was suspended in September 2016 (FPMA [...]
On 28 June, the Government of Zimbabwe issued Statutory Instrument 145, which prohibits the purchase and sale of maize among private individuals and companies, leaving the State-owned Grain Marketing Board [...]
The National Maize Corporation (NMC), the Government's parastatal agency responsible for the purchase, storage and marketing of white maize, raised its procurement and selling price following a recent market review. [...]
On 21 May, the Government of Zimbabwe announced a new increase in fuel prices, which follows the hike implemented at the start of the year (FPMA Food Policies). Prices were [...]
The Government increased the import duty on rice to 55 percent from the previous 28 percent, which was set in June last year (FPMA Food Policies). The recent measure, which [...]
On 22 May, the Government announced the reintroduction of the import duty on common wheat at 135 percent, after a suspension from January to April 2019. The country revises the [...]
The government recently instructed the state Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the government parastatal mandated to manage the national strategic stock and engage in market facilitation, to increase the sale of [...]
On 26 April, the Government raised with immediate effect the import duty on wheat to 40 percent from 30 percent (FPMA Food Policies). The measure intends to curb imports and [...]
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