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Food Policy and Market Developments

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On 12 January, the Government of Zimbabwe announced a sharp increase in fuel prices, which became effective on 13 January. The prices of diesel and gasoline more than doubled to [...]
On 10 January, the Government ordered the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to purchase 2 million 90-kg bags from farmers at a price of KES 2 500 (USD 24.39) [...]
On 27 December, the government announced it will maintain the suspension on import duties for soft wheat, first introduced in mid-October (FPMA Food Policies), for an additional four months until [...]
On 11 December, the Cabinet Committee on Industrial and Economic Development approved a 26 percent increase in the procurement price for the 2018 wheat crop, now pegged at USD 630 [...]
On 22 November, the Government set a 5 percent subsidy on non-basmati rice exports under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) of the Ministry of Commerce. The measure became [...]
In early November, the Government announced the new purchasing prices for the 2019 wheat crop, which was set at TMT 800 (USD 222) per tonne. The price was increased by [...]
On 16 November, the Government announced a further cut to the purchasing price of wheat after a reduction which was implemented last year (FPMA Food Policies). The price for the [...]
On 5 November, the Government, through the Strategic Food Reserve (SFR), announced the new purchasing price of maize, which was set at KES 2 300 (USD 22.26) for a 90 [...]
The Agriculture and Trade Departments set standardized labels and Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) for rice, which became effective on 27 October. Rice would only be identified as regular milled, well [...]
In late October, the Mexican Food Security Agency under the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (Sagarpa) announced the reintroduction of guaranteed prices for key crops, maize, [...]
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