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Food Policy and Market Developments

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The government recently instructed the state Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the government parastatal mandated to manage the national strategic stock and engage in market facilitation, to increase the sale of [...]
On 26 April, the Government raised with immediate effect the import duty on wheat to 40 percent from 30 percent (FPMA Food Policies). The measure intends to curb imports and [...]
On 17 April, the Government approved the new procurement price at which the Food Production Support Company (Empresa de Apoyo a la Producción de Alimentos, EMAPA) will buy the 2019 [...]
To curb soaring inflation, on 17 April, the Government fixed the price of 60 food products, including staples such as rice, flour, sugar, milk, cooking oils, meat and Yerba mate [...]
Under the framework of the “Wheat Project”, the national procurement programme led by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Government announced the guaranteed prices at which it will purchase wheat from [...]
Amid high inflation rate, the Government revised the producer price of maize and wheat, which are now set at RTGS$ 726 per tonne and RTGS$ 1 089.69 per tonne, respectively. [...]
On 5 April, the ministries of Economy and Agriculture agreed on the introduction of temporary duties on the exports of some vegetable products. A duty was introduced on the exports [...]
The Government plans to procure about 1.3 million tonnes of rice from the ongoing “boro” crop (November-May), which accounts for more than half of the annual output. The price of [...]
On 20 March, the Government agreed to set the retail prices of food staples, fish and rice, after the recent surges. The price of mackerel, which had reportedly reached a [...]
The government recently announced an agreement with the Government of the United States of America to implement a duty-free tariff quota (TRQ) for wheat. The agreement allows for the importation [...]
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