Food Policy and Market Developments

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On 12 March, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) fixed the minimum support price of wheat, which was increased, in line with recommendations of the Wheat Review Committee, to PKR 1 [...]
On 4 March, the Government announced further adjustments to the export tax regime through Decree 230/2020, after a revision already implemented in December 2019 (FPMA Food Policies), which saw export [...]
On 28 February, the Government raised the Minimum Purchasing Price (MPP) for early Indica rice from last year’s price of CNY 2 400 per tonne to CNY 2420 per tonne [...]
On 17 February, the Government published the new minimum guarantee prices for all wheat grain varieties and wheat seeds for the 2020/21 (July/June) agricultural season. Prices were increased by 6.95 [...]
Prices of the key food staple, maize meal, continued to generally increase in December and were at exceptionally high levels. The elevated prices mostly result from sustained currency weakness and [...]
Procurement of the 2020 main “Maha” paddy rice crop has recently commenced. The Government set the minimum guaranteed price at LKR 50 per kg (USD 276 per tonne) for rice [...]
Consumer prices rose by 14.6 percent year on year in January, the highest annual rate since December 2010. The high inflation rate was mainly driven by the significant increases in [...]
On 24 December 2019, the Government announced the suspension of the 35 percent import duty on soft wheat, set in September last year (FPMA Food Policies), from 2 January to [...]
On 14 December, the Government eliminated the export tax limit of ARS 4 per USD 1 of export value for a number of commodities, including wheat, maize, sorghum and barley, [...]
Amid rising food prices, the Government temporarily reduced the import tax for imported wheat flour from LKR 36 per kg to LKR 8 per kg, effective from 14 December. In [...]
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