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This web site contains latest information and analysis on domestic prices of basic foods mainly in developing countries, complementing FAO analysis on international markets. It provides early warning on high food prices at country level  that may negatively affect food security. All data used in the analysis can be found in the FPMA Tool.

  • Eastern Africa - Cereal prices at record or near-record highs due to drought-reduced harvests, while livestock prices sharply down in most pastoral areas
  • Southern Africa - Maize prices still high but the favourable production outlook for the 2017 crop led to further declines in February
  • Nigeria - The persistent depreciation of the local currency and civil insecurity underpinned food prices in January despite an above-average 2016 harvest
  • Sri Lanka - Rice prices declined slightly in February but still at near-record highs due to a reduced 2016 secondary season harvest and unfavourable prospects for the new 2017 main crop
  • Mexico - Prices of staple maize tortillas rose significantly for the second consecutive month in February due to increased production costs
  • South Sudan - Prices of staple foods rose sharply in February to record or near-record highs, supported by a reduced 2016 output, a renewed steep currency depreciation and widespread insecurity
  • International - Wheat and maize export prices increased further in February mostly supported by strong demand
  • International - Rice prices continue to strengthen mainly due to currency movements and expectations of stronger Basmati sales

Domestic Price Warnings

Countries where prices of one or more basic food commodity are at abnormal high levels in main markets (identified by the Indicator of Price Anomalies), which could negatively impact access to food at national level

Price warning level:  High   Moderate  [Based on GIEWS analysis]

Food Policy and Market Developments

28/03/2017 - 
The Government reimposed the 10 percent tax on wheat imports, which was removed in early December last year (FPMA Food Policies). Large import volumes in the past few months and [...]
21/03/2017 - 
The Government has recently suspended duty-free wheat imports from the Russian Federation, by not including it in the list of countries that can deliver commodities free of duties effective from [...]
21/03/2017 - 
In early March, the Government announced import permits for up to 150 000 tonnes of rice at zero duty from any origin. The country's import tariff is set at 20 [...]
14/03/2017 - 
In mid-February, the Government of Thailand resumed the release of rice stocks, which were suspended in September last year in an effort to prevent price falls (FPMA Food Policies). A [...]
23/02/2017 - 
On 21 February, the Food Contract Corporation (FCC), the national body managing the state grain reserves, launched the forward procurement campaign for the 2017 crops, including wheat, maize, millet, rye [...]

Market Indicators