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This web site contains latest information and analysis on domestic prices of basic foods mainly in developing countries, complementing FAO analysis on international markets. It provides early warning on high food prices at country level  that may negatively affect food security. All data used in the analysis can be found in the FPMA Tool.

  • International - Export prices of wheat dipped in August as a result of the recently-improved 2017 global supply outlook
  • International - Maize quotations fall on improved weather conditions and abundant global supplies
  • Bangladesh,Sri Lanka - Despite recent declines, rice prices in August remained higher than a year earlier, mainly due to weather-related losses of main season crops, gathered earlier in the year
  • Eastern Africa - Cereal prices continue to decline in most countries with the new 2017 harvests
  • Ethiopia - Grain prices increased further and reached record highs in August due to uncertain prospects for the 2017 crops
  • CIS (Asian & European) - Prices of potatoes continued to decline in August as a result of improved supplies from the ongoing harvests but still higher year-on-year

Domestic Price Warnings

Countries where prices of one or more basic food commodity are at abnormal high levels in main markets (identified by the Indicator of Price Anomalies), which could negatively impact access to food at national level

Price warning level:  High   Moderate  [Based on GIEWS analysis]

Food Policy and Market Developments

22/09/2017 - 
The Government has extended the maize subsidy program, which started in May and was intended to be concluded at the end of September. The Ministry of Agriculture announced that the [...]
22/09/2017 - 
On 5 September, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan implemented a free-floating exchange rate regime, removing the peg of the local currency (som) against the US dollar, which resulted in an [...]
15/09/2017 - 
The Government announced the launch of the country-wide Open Market Sale (OMS) of rice from next week. OMS is a public food distribution programme, which sells rice and wheat at [...]
04/09/2017 - 
On 31 August, the European Commission announced an increase in the import duty for maize from EUR 5.16 (USD 6.13) per tonne, set early in the month (FPMA Food Policies), [...]
31/08/2017 - 
The Food Contract Corporation, the national body managing the state grain reserves, announced the procurement prices for the 2017 grains. Purchasing prices for wheat fall under selected ranges according to [...]

Market Indicators