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Domestic Price Warnings

Countries where prices of one or more basic food commodity are at abnormal high levels in main markets.
Price warning level:  High   Moderate [Based on the Indicator of Price Anomalies (IPA)]




Prices of yellow maize and wheat grain at levels well above those a year earlier

Domestic prices of yellow maize remained relatively stable in June, although still around 60 percent higher than their levels a year earlier. Downward price pressure from the ongoing second season harvest was offset by expectations of a reduced output due to the decline in the area sown and dry weather conditions during the growing period. The relatively high level of prices year on year reflects also the reduced first season crop, harvested earlier in the year, as well as, a weaker currency and high fuel prices since the beginning of the 2018. Prices of wheat grain increased further in June and were well above their year-earlier levels. Seasonal trends were exacerbated by already tight domestic supplies from last year’s reduced output and costlier imports. Planting of the new crop is currently ongoing and the area sown is expected to be 5 percent higher than the reduced level in 2017.

Region: South America