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Action Against Desertification

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Action Against Desertification to restore 18 000 hectares of degraded land along Africa’s Great Green Wall in 2018

Evaluation and planning workshop on AAD’s restoration and communication activities
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Boosting large-scale land restoration and renewable energy solutions for sustainable development along Africa’s Great Green Wall

Experts discuss roadmap to scale up climate finance for greater resilience against climate change and improved livelihood opportunities for rural communities
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Ambitious initiative supporting Africa’s Great Green Wall to fast-track drylands restoration

Second steering committee calls on Action Against Desertification to step up restoration and resource mobilisation

Expanding Africa's Great Green Wall

Desertification and land degradation are very serious challenges. They lead to hunger and poverty, themselves at the root of many conflicts. But recent successes show that these problems are not insurmountable. Bold action and investments in sustainable land management and restoration can boost food security, improve livelihoods and help people adapt to climate change. Action Against Desertification is an initiative of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) to restore drylands and degraded lands in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to tackle the detrimental social, economic and environmental impact of land degradation and desertification [...]

In Action Against Desertification


Land restoration in northern Niger is making degraded areas productive again, providing economic opportunities in a region where migration has become a tradition. [more...].




In the Caribbean, unsustainable land management practices are causing soil loss and degradation of natural habitats, contributing to the loss of biodiversity and reducing natural buffers to droughts and floods. [more...]


In the Pacific, poor forestry and agricultural practices cause land degradation and erosion, threatening natural habitats and biodiversity, while reducing natural buffers to droughts and floods. [more...]