Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management in the Former Soviet Union

The project has developed monitoring and evaluation tool which is based on the indicator and milestones as presented in country operational manuals, letters of agreements with implementing partners and the logical framework and work plan as presented in the Food and Agriculture Organisation reports to the European Commission.

Updates on progress at Output level can be found in Implementation status section.

All projects need to be assessed to ensure that the impact and results as described in the project description are being achieved. Whilst the assessment is important it needs to be developed in a way that helps project managers and implementers to identify and address issues which might delay delivery of results before they become critical and have a negative impact on performance. The process therefore needs to be dynamic and look forward to the future and not focus only on what has already been achieved. M&E is not a project policing tool but rather an implementation support tool.

In this project the responsibility for coordinating monitoring and evaluation has been assigned to Green Cross Switzerland. With the guidance of the project coordinator a bespoke system for providing a picture of delivery status against the original work plan has been developed.


A dash-board approach is used to illustrate if delivery at Outcome and Output level is on track, ahead of schedule or delayed. The plots generated by the system rely on project partners updating the status of implementation of key milestones on a monthly basis.


The "Evaluation" component assesses the relevance, impact and sustainability of work undertaken as part of the project. It helps the project managment to understand whether the project is reaching its aims or what are problems to overcome to reach the aims, and whether the project results will be sustainable at project end. The evaluation component is based on interviews and analysis of reports and is an ongoing process. The data obtained by such interviews and surveys to be undertaken as part of national awareness campaigns provides data which allows a review of the design of the project to ensure there is a positive impact at the end of the implementation period.