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FAO in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Our Office

Iran became a member of FAO on December 01, 1953. The Organization is physically present in Iran through its Representation Office which was reopened in 1992 after Islamic Revolution in 1979. According to the Agreement signed between FAO and the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture in November 1991, the Ministry has since provided the premises, hosting FAO Representation office in its premises.

FAO Representation is currently hosted by the Agricultural Research, Education & Extension Organization of the Ministry of Jihad-e Agriculture, located at the Agriculture Garden full of beautiful trees and flowers surrounded by mountains in the Northern part of Tehran.

The major thrust of FAO’s technical assistance to Iran has been in the areas of capacity building, policy and strategy development, crop production, livestock and animal health, fisheries and forest management, and, emergency and rehabilitation programmes.

Structure and Staff

FAO Representation personnel consists of one International Staff member (FAO Representative), one national Professional and seven national General Staff and eight  professional and technical consultants (national and international). 

The FAO Representation structure is as follows:

1- Office of the FAO Representative (OR);
2- Communication and Advocacy Unit (CAU);
3- Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (MEU);
4- Programme and Partnership Unit (PPU);
5- Project Operation Unit (POU);
6- Administrative Support Unit (ASU).

The FAO Representative to the Islamic Republic of Iran is also accredited to the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).