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FAO in the Islamic Republic of Iran


Government Partners

Ministry of Agriculture Jahad is the main government body responsible for agricultural products and food security in the country. It has been therefore always considered as the main client for FAO Iran. Other relevant government bodies are Department of Environment, Ministry of Health and Medical Education and Ministry of Interior. FAOR has regular meetings with the Minister and DG for International Affairs while ad hoc meetings are arranged and held in other technical and decision making offices of the Ministry.

FAO Iran has established good working relations also with research institutes under MOJA such as Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Institute (SPCRI), Seed and Plant Improvement Institute (SPII), Iranian Fisheries Research Institute (IFRO), Agricultural Planning, Economic & Rural Development Research Institute (APERDRI), Iran International Sturgeon Research Institute, Soil Salinity Research Institute.

FAO Iran has been closely working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as the leading national partner in development, implementation and monitoring of UNDAF.

UN Partners

FAO Representation Office has been cooperating with UNCT in finalization, implementation and monitoring of UNDAF. FAO is an active member of UNCT which is participating in different Theme Groups and teams including Poverty Reduction, Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Operations Management (OMT) and Disaster Management Team (DMT). While Environmentally Sustainable Management Theme Group is co-chaired by FAO, six UNDAF Theme Group Meetings were represented in total. FAO is also working closely with RC and UNCT to ensure the integration of CPF with UNDAF.

Other Development Partners

FAO Iran has been working with different national and international entities to fulfil its mandates and mission they include national universities and NGOs in one hand and potential donor countries in the other hand. The MoU for cooperation with the University of Tehran College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UTCAN) was finalized and signed in this connection. FAO Iran has good working relations with NGOs like: Iran Rice Association, Mountain Environment Protection Society (MEPS), and Centre for Sustainable Development (CENESTA), Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID).
These NGOs are involved in different FAO projects and activities in Iran. Furthermore FAO Iran has been supporting rural women through implementation of TeleFood projects and contributed in sustainable rural development in Iran.