Director-General Graziano da Silva hails FAO’s comparative advantage in tackling complex food system challenges
Succeeds José Graziano da Silva
International advocate for children’s and women’s rights delivers FAO’s McDougall Memorial Lecture on food security

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FAO accelerates global efforts towards lifting rural people out of extreme poverty

FAO today launched a new Corporate Framework on Rural Extreme Poverty to accelerate the UN agency’s and its partners’ efforts towards eradicating extreme poverty for all people by 2030 - target 1.1 of Sustainable Development Goal 1 – end poverty


Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to improve farmers’ resilience to drought

On World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, the FAO Director-General emphasized that in order to cope with droughts and to reverse desertification, in addition to geospatial technologies, farmers can also benefit from very simple solutions such as 1 Million cisterns and the Green Great Wall Initiative.


European Union supports recovery of agricultural livelihoods in northern Iraq

Farming families in northern Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate will benefit from a European Union contribution of €15 million to FAO to recover agricultural livelihoods. The area, which includes the city of Mosul, was known as the country’s ‘breadbasket’ before conflict caused widespread damage and displacement.