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Podcast Target Zero Hunger

Objectif Faim Zéro: Chaque podcast met en lumière des questions liées à l’agriculture, l’alimentation, la pêche ou la sécurité alimentaire. Avec l’aide de nos agents sur le terrain, nous donnons la parole aux agriculteurs, aux communautés, aux bénéficiaires. | Disponible sur SoundcloudiTunes et Stitcher.

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Every year, around one-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Food loss and waste has all kinds of consequences for economies, food security and the [...]
Young people from around the world share their concerns for the future and call for greater action on climate change. Producer: Charlotta Lomas, FAO.
In 2018, conflict was the major driver of food crises in 21 countries, affecting around 74 million people. Contributing to peace is therefore critical to tackling hunger. FAO experts Julius [...]
African Swine Fever is spreading fast throughout Asia and has already affected several countries. Recent data from the field reveals outbreaks in Myanmar and now also the Philippines. More than [...]
    Celebrating women humanitarians is the theme of this year’s World Humanitarian Day (August 19), a day to honor humanitarian efforts worldwide and to rally support for people affected by crises. [...]
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