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Podcast Target Zero Hunger

Un podcast sobre los temas, historias y políticas que están en la raíz de la seguridad alimentaria mundial. Con curiosidad incisiva, las investigaciones más recientes y la ayuda de agricultores, expertos en desarrollo y tomadores de decisiones de todo el mundo, cada episodio arroja luz sobre diferentes partes de nuestros sistemas alimentarios, explorando cuestiones como: ¿Cómo se abastecerán de alimentos las megalópolis en crecimiento? ¿Cómo puede ayudar a erradicar el hambre la conservación de los bosques? o ¿Cómo afecta el cambio de nuestras dietas a la biodiversidad del planeta?

If you are experiencing issues listening to the podcast on your PC please refer to this FAQ at Soundcloud.com for support.

  Every year 420,000 people die and 600 million people fall ill as a result of food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins or chemicals. David Massey from the Food and [...]
Pakistan has the fourth-highest rate of water consumption in the world. The country’s agriculture sector uses the most amount of fresh water than any other sector. Rainfall has steadily declined [...]
More than 75 percent of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa prepare their lands using only hand tools. It’s a practice that results in poor productivity and repels young people. Which is why [...]
There’s renewed optimism for the Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries, thanks to improved scientific data and better management practices. According to a new report, 78 percent of fish stocks in [...]
The livestock sector is a key contributor to global warming. The world's population is growing, and as a result, we will need to feed more and more people. Can the [...]
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