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Podcast Target Zero Hunger

Un podcast sobre los temas, historias y políticas que están en la raíz de la seguridad alimentaria mundial. Con curiosidad incisiva, las investigaciones más recientes y la ayuda de agricultores, expertos en desarrollo y tomadores de decisiones de todo el mundo, cada episodio arroja luz sobre diferentes partes de nuestros sistemas alimentarios, explorando cuestiones como: ¿Cómo se abastecerán de alimentos las megalópolis en crecimiento? ¿Cómo puede ayudar a erradicar el hambre la conservación de los bosques? o ¿Cómo afecta el cambio de nuestras dietas a la biodiversidad del planeta?

If you are experiencing issues listening to the podcast on your PC please refer to this FAQ at Soundcloud.com for support.

World Food Day - 16 Oct 2018 --- There is enough food to feed the entire population. Yet there are 821 million people in the world who are hungry. Achieving [...]
The discourse around migration is often framed negatively while the positive aspects are overlooked. A new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, shows that migration can in fact [...]
Did you know that about one third of all food in the Middle East and North Africa is lost or wasted? But governments in the region are hoping to change [...]
With so many hungry and malnourished people across the globe, there’s a growing need to transform our food systems to become more nutritious, more equitable and more sustainable. But how [...]
One in nine people worldwide, or 821 million people, are hungry - according to a joint report by United Nations agencies FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO. The annual report shows [...]
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