Regional Forest Finance Meeting - November 2012 - Nicaragua

About 60 participants from eight Latin American countries (Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay Bolivia, and Mexico) attended the meeting in Managua with the main purpose to exchange knowledge and experiences on financing activities and credit programs by public and private banks for small agro-forestry producers. The meeting was co-organized by INAFOR, Banco Produzcamos of Nicaragua, FAO, the Forest and Farm Facility, GIZ and IUCN.

 The meeting was attended by senior managers of national development banks and forestry directors. For most participants from the financial sector this was the first time they attended an event where they had the opportunity to discuss with other bankers credit programs about forestry. The meeting also benefitted from the presentations of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE), and IUCN. LAFISE, a large private bank, also attended the meeting. The Alianza Mesoamericana de Pueblos y Bosques and FEPROAH also presented experiences of community forestry, their financing and institutional challenges, from the perspective of indigenous groups. 

 The main results of the meeting were that:


  1. Participants learned from each other’s experiences and produced a number of conclusions and lessons learned (see links)
  2. Two countries, Nicaragua and Paraguay, took advantage of the expertise gathered at the event to identify a series of key ideas to be followed up (see links).
  3. In parallel meetings with Leonardo Chavez, Lars Marklund, and Maria Engracia de Trinidad (BCIE) initial ideas were identified for a regional project, possibly to be further developed with BCIE and IUCN.

The following documents about the Meeting can be downloaded below:

Concept note and agenda 
List of participants 
Conclusions and follow up activities at regional level 

Follow up initiatives in Paraguay and Nicaragua 

 Download all presentations

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