It is time for a change in consciousness - It is a fact that agriculture and forestry can no longer be treated in isolation. Linking the two is imperative for socio economic development in the 21st century.

- Dr. Evelyn Nguleka, President World Farmers Organization



Greater investment in forest peoples

Read the Press Release from FAO Regional Office for Africa

Community-based forest and farm producer organizations agreed on a global declaration during the Pre-Congress event , “Building momentum” held in Durban on 5-6 September. Governments and other major actors are urged to recognize the potential of community-based forestry by Indigenous Peoples, local communities and family smallholders who manage a third of the world’s forests, and to take the necessary corresponding action.

It’s time to listen to Indigenous Peoples, local communities and family smallholders.

125 participants from 39 countries


New research finds locally controlled forest enterprises can outcompete large-scale forestry companies in benefits to locals and forest protection.

 FFF Statement for the launching of two new publications: 

IIED Press Release: Local control of forestry could significantly slow man-made forest-loss



Strengthening the voice of local smallholders and forest and farm communities in Latin America

Declaration from representatives of Indigenous People, Local Communities and Small scale Producers of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, and Mexico 

The Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) organized a Regional Experience Sharing Workshop on Community Land Management , Forest Governance and market linkages together with the government of México, the National Forest Commission (CONAFOR), the Mesoamerican Alliance of Forest and People (AMPB) and the Mexican Network of forest farm organizations (Red Mocaf)  in Mexico on 3 – 7 August, 2015. During the meeting representatives of forest and farm producer organizations and national and local governments of Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua developed a common message from the producer organizations for the World Forestry Congress and COP 21. More information in Spanish on the AMPB website.

Background information 

Facebook page of the Mexican Network of Forest farm organizations (Red MOCAF)
Read the article in La Jornada
Press Release FAO Bolivia

Organise to thrive

In the run up to the World Forestry Congress in September 2015, Duncan Macqueen (IIED), on his blog, highlights how Forest Farm Facility support to help groups organise is helping forest and farm producers in Guatemala.

African Farm/Family Forestry Producer Organizations get organized for the WFC

Resolution of the Africa Farm/Family Forest Producers Organizations 

The “African Farm/Family Forestry Producer Organizations Conference" took place in Nairobi, Kenya (Laico Regency Hotel) from 9 to 11 June 2015. The conference has been organized by the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA) in close collaboration with the Forest and Farm Facility, FAO, the Kenya Forest Service, the African Forest Forum, We Effect, FLEGT, the Great Green Wall Initiative, PEFC, the Forest Action Network and the Farm Forestry Smallholder Producers’ Association of Kenya. The conference has produced resolutions which will feed into the XIV World Forestry Congress. It will be soon available on this website.

More information on the Conference 

"How might social protection policies be aligned with investing in locally controlled forestry?"

"The best way of aligning social protection services with forest policies and programmes is to ensure that both work directly to strengthen the organisation of forest and farm producer groups – who form the biggest forest private sector – and the one most likely to conserve forests and reduce poverty." says Duncan Macqueen (IIED, FFF) in the FAO online discussion to gather views and experiences on the inter-linkages between social protection and forestry.

FFF Annual Report 2014 

The Steering Committee members have validated the FFF Annual Report. The short version of the report is now available online.


Progress in the countries

New countries selected for FFF support

Bolivia, Kenya, Vietnam, and Zambia have been selected by an experts panel as the next four partner countries for the Forest and Farm Facility.

An important dimension of the Forest and Farm Facility is to strengthen smallholder, women, community and Indigenous Peoples’ producer organizations for business/livelihoods and policy engagement. Click here  to see recent activities implemented in support of producer organizations.

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