Young people are so important to us. We are stressing youth education in our association. We’re not here forever, so we need to train young people.

- Grecia Magdalena Lopez Peralta, Leader of Women Ramón producer group, Guatemala


New FFF Publication

Talking about forests and family farms: growing relationship on fertile ground.

This publication designed in an innovative format, is a conversation between forest-and-farm producers and governments which took place at the “Family Forestry is Family Farming” event co-organized by the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) and the International Family Forestry Alliance (IFFA), during the World Forest Week at FAO, Rome, in June 2014. The conversation testifies to the power of cooperation between forest-and-farm families and governments in preparing fertile ground.

New FFF Working Paper

Multi-sectoral platform for planning and implementation. How they might better server forest and farm producer.
Based on an analysis in the countries, this new publication explores the challenges of platforms with which forest and farm producers might engage, and how FFF's support can play an influential role in better serving their needs.

The Road to Durban

Click here to see how we can ensure that community-forestry practitioners and forest-and-farm producer organizations make their views known at the WIV World Forestry Congress. 
The Forest and Farm Facility, the Social Forestry Unit at FAO, Tropenbos International, RECOFTC and many other partners are working together with producer organizations, local communities and indigenous people around the world to ensure a powerful representation of local producers and forest-users.


Progress in the countries

New countries selected for FFF support

Bolivia, Kenya, Vietnam, and Zambia have been selected by an experts panel as the next four partner countries for the Forest and Farm Facility.

An important dimension of the Forest and Farm Facility is to strengthen smallholder, women, community and Indigenous Peoples’ producer organizations for business/livelihoods and policy engagement. Click here  to see recent activities implemented in support of producer organizations.

last updated:  Tuesday, March 24, 2015