Call for proposals for planning and partnership grants to strengthen the role and voice of Forest and Farm Producer organizations at the regional and global level.

These grants will help link the many national and various international networks that represent forest and farm producers and forest rights holders to pursue a shared agenda, bring local success stories to the notice of global decision-makers to facilitate successful local-level investments, and help shape international and national policies and actions through the sharing of knowledge and experience among local forest and farm producers.

Family Forests and trees on farms are part of Family Farming systems

Read the article written by Jeff Campbell, FFF Manager 

 Strength in numbers - International Conference on Forest Producer Organizations, 25-28 November 2013, Guilin, China

Conference Summary Statement   Download all presentations
Final Programme   List of Participants 
FFF Press Release: Conference Outcome 

 FAO Press Release: Conference Opening

Strength in numbers: effective forest producer organizations FFF webstory

Audio Interview of Jeff Campbell

IIED blog post

Progress in the countries

An important dimension of the Forest and Farm Facility is to strengthen smallholder, women, community and Indigenous Peoples’ producer organizations for business/livelihoods and policy engagement. Click here  to see recent activities implemented in support of producer organizations.

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