One of the things that producer organizations can do so they don’t lose focus is to build their capacity- make sure they understand their role in farm forestry and keep on refreshing that. They also should work with government and other stakeholders to share experiences.

 - Geoffrey Wanyama, Executive Representative of Family Forest National Federation, Kenya




El  Mecanismo para Bosques y Fincas (FFF - Forest and Farm Facility en inglés)  se complace en anunciar una convocatoria para propuestas de subvenciones de planificación y asociación, para fortalecer el rol y la voz de las organizaciones de productores forestales y agrícolas a niveles regional y mundial. Estas subvenciones servirán para que numerosas redes nacionales y diferentes redes internacionales que representan a los productores forestales y agrícolas se vinculen con los titulares de derechos forestales para impulsar una agenda compartida, dar a conocer historias de éxito locales entre los encargados de tomar decisiones a nivel mundial a fin de facilitar el éxito de las inversiones a nivel local, y ayudar a dar forma a las políticas y acciones internacionales y nacionales a través del intercambio de conocimientos y experiencias entre los productores forestales y agrícolas locales.

Strength in numbers - International Conference on Forest Producer Organizations, 25-28 November 2013, Guilin, China

Draft programme

Fuerza en los números

The main objective of the conference is to strengthen the sustainable management of forested landscapes by smallholders and communities through forest producer organizations. Participation is on invitation only. The conference will be jointly organized by The Forest and Farm Facility, FAO and APFNet in partnership with Agricord, Tropenbos International, GIZ, IUCN, IIED, CEPF, and RECOFTC. It is hosted by the State Forestry Administration (SFA) of the People’s Republic of China. The conference is also part of the celebration of 300 years of the concept of sustainability, firstly introduced by German Forester Von Carlowitz.

Deutsche Welle - Top Story - Green agriculture in Guatemala

by Helle Jeppesen

Startup countries

Guatemala, Nicaragua, Gambia, Liberia, Myanmar, and Nepal were selected in January 2013 by the Steering Committee members.
Download the Findings of the Launching Workshops.

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