Launching the Forest & Farm Facility (FFF) - COFO at FAO HQ

28 September 2012

Under the chairmanship of Richard China, Director, Policy and Programme Development Support Division (TCS), a panel of eight key Facility partners engaged with more than 100 participants ranging from forestry officials representing NFP Facility member countries, to donor representatives and civil society organizations as well as FAO colleagues.

On behalf of the Facility Manager, Jerker Thunberg, a short presentation was given by Johan Lejeune, Sophie Grouwels and Jhony Zapata on the transition of the NFP Facility towards the F&FF and its new focus. Participants learned that the new programme will be premised on a landscape approach of sustainable forest and farm management, with the emphasis on supporting local, regional, national and international organizations and platforms to ensure that any undertakings related to policies and investments are effective, inclusive and meet the needs of local people. Members of the selective panel included representatives of several civil society organizations, a government, the World Bank, the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) - all core partners of the Facility. All made brief statements on the relevance of the F&FF from their particular perspective and on how they intend to collaborate and contribute to the realization of its goals.

Summing-up remarks were made by Eva Muller, Director, Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division (FOE), who highlighted that the F&FF will directly and concretely contribute to all of FAO’s new Strategic Objectives. She passed the last word to Eduardo Rojas-Briales, Assistant Director-General, FAO Forestry Department, who said that FO was very pleased to host the Facility.  He then declared the new programme officially “launched”.

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