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Report of the South Asian Dialogue on the Right to Food

Author: Right to Food Team, FAO

Workshop report, 2016.

This report includes all debates, presentations, list of commitments and plan of action which took place and were agreed upon during the South Asian Dialogue on the Right to Food, an event jointly organized by FAO and Oxfam. The Dialogue called for the participation of over 40 members from government, national Right to Food networks of civil society organizations and movements, academia and think tanks, from four countries in the region India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh with the aim to promote an emerging right to food community of practice for improved food security in South Asia.

The event allowed for a reflection over issues related to global, regional and national standards, policy processes and relevant thematic areas which could serve as entry-points for further action and strengthened commitment on the right to food at national level.

The Dialogue showed that challenges however are complex and multi-faceted:

  1. Poor policy implementation, coherence and harmonization;
  2. Insufficient allocation of resources, inefficient targeting of beneficiaries and exclusion of specific groups of social protection schemes and safety nets are obstacles to ensure effectiveness and sustainability;
  3. Weak tenure rights, especially in regards to customary tenure, and land-grabbing by national or multinational actors;
  4. Lack of proper information channels to inform and increase general awareness on this human right avoiding common misconceptions;
  5. Insufficient coordination among stakeholders for more integrated action both at national and regional level;
  6. Weak monitoring and redress mechanisms.

The Dialogue concluded with an explicit commitment from all participants to continue working on the right to food and an agreement on the added value of a community of practice on the right to food in South Asia. The group agreed to work towards a twofold objective to both strengthening national level advocacy, coherence and coordination, whilst begin to systematically and increasingly engage at the regional level.

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