Alimentation et agriculture durables


La durabilité au cœur de l’Expo de Milan

15 May 2015

Le développement durable est au cœur de l'Expo Milano. «Nourrir la planète. Énergie pour la vie» constitue le thème principal de l’Exposition universelle de cette année qui a ouvert ses portes à Milan, en Italie, le 1er mai.

“Feeding the Planet. Energy for life” is the main theme of this year’s World Exposition which opened in Milano, Italy, on May 1. With more than 140 countries and organizations participating and an estimated 20 million visitors over the next 6 months, Expo Milano is the biggest international event in history dedicated to the many aspects of food. Taste, pleasure, culture, art, love, and most importantly, nutrition and food security, are some of the topics that will be presented across the 1,1 million square meter exhibition site. The principal aim is to engage individuals, governments, institutions and other stakeholders in the debate on nourishment and sustainability, as well as to raise awareness on people’s right to sufficient, safe and healthy food. This will be highlighted in particular through the UN presence, coordinated by FAO, IFAD and WFP under the theme “The Zero Hunger Challenge – United for a Sustainable World”. The objective is to engage visitors, showing that it is possible to end hunger in our lifetime and that everyone needs to be involved. Given the vast audience, Expo is an important occasion to raise awareness about sustainable models of both production and consumption of food. The contribution of SFA to Expo is represented by 3 animated videos showing concrete examples of sustainable agricultural practices.