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Mecanización Agrícola Sostenible

The Mechanization Session – banishing the hand hoe by 2025


Following the Consultative Meeting on a Mechanization Strategy: New models for sustainable agricultural mechanization in sub-Saharan Africa in Nairobi, 2016; the African Conservation Tillage Network produced this video with a series of interviews to some of the experts participating in the meeting.

Propelled by declining rural labour force, increasing feminization of agriculture, ageing farming population, low interest of youths in agriculture, increasing energy costs, declining farm incomes, climate change and high levels of post-harvest losses; a new trend is emerging in the adaptation and promotion of sustainable mechanized Conservation Agriculture in Africa. Supported by Agenda 2063 (The Africa We Want) to banish the hand hoe by 2025, and development of the framework for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa across Agri-food Chains, a new unstoppable wave to modernise Africa’s agriculture using science, technology, innovation and indigenous knowledge is on the rise.

The video is available here.