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Learning AgriCultures


Learning AgriCultures is a learning resource particularly useful for educators seeking support material for providing training on sustainable agriculture in their courses, at a university or college level, in special NGO training courses or elsewhere. Courses where this series could be useful include agriculture, rural development, environmental studies, research & extension, agricultural policy-making, for students primarily but not exclusively working in developing countries. The Learning AgriCultures series is composed of seven modules dedicated to understanding small-scale (family) farming and how it can become more sustainable: Module 1: Sustainable small-scale farming; Module 2: Soil and water systems; Module 3: Cropping systems; Module 4: Livestock systems; Module 5:  Labour and energy in farming; Module 6:  Markets and finance for small-scale farmers; Module 7: Knowledge for small-scale farming. Each module has three learning blocks, looking at its theme from the perspective of: 1) the farm, 2) issues in the wider context affecting farming, and lastly 3) sustainability approach and governance issues. 

Countries: Non-country specific
Commodities: Non-Commodity specific
Topics: Production
Authoring organization: Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture (ILEIA)
Publisher: Centre for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture (ILEIA)
Category: Field-based materials
Level Suitability: Advanced, Intermediate