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Better data management for better monitoring of antimicrobial use in animal production


Antimicrobials play a critical role to treat animal diseases, hence their use is necessary to food security, human well-being, and animal welfare. However, overuse and misuse of antimicrobials associated with spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) threaten human and animal health, food security, and sustainable development.                              

Every year, Viet Nam Department of Animal Health (DAH) submits data on the quantity of antimicrobials used in animals to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) global database. However, one of the biggest challenges for DAH is to collect valid and complete data from many sources such as pharmaceutical companies, livestock and aquaculture industries, government agencies, and private sectors. In order to improve the data collection mechanisms and the understanding of the regulations governing the use of antimicrobials in animals, DAH needs to strengthen their monitoring capacity of antimicrobial use (AMU) and develop a national AMU database based on the importation, manufacturing, and distribution of antimicrobials in the country.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), collaborated with OIE and DAH  to organize a one and a half day workshop on Monitoring of the Quantities and Usage Patterns of Antimicrobial Agents used in animals in Ha Noi from 9 – 10 January 2019. The workshop objectives were: i) to map sources of antimicrobial supply chain; and ii) to engage stakeholders from government and private sector in monitoring quantities and management of antimicrobial use in animals. Apart from sharing information on antimicrobials supply chain during the workshop, the participants also discussed how they can better contribute to the AMU data collection and development of a national AMU database.

 “Better understanding of the stakeholders and the supply chain would allow DAH to collect valid and complete data for a national AMU database and OIE reporting. As monitoring antimicrobials used in animals is one of the main components under FAO Global Action Plan on AMR, we are glad to support DAH contribution to OIE and World Health Organization (WHO) to collect valid and complete data for the national AMU database and OIE reporting. We would like to thank OIE for their collaboration and support on AMU monitoring in Viet Nam” said by Pawin Padungtod, Senior Technical Coordinator of the Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD), FAO Viet Nam

The workshop had a total of 70 participants from MARD departments, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade, General Department of Customs, OIE,  WHO and representatives from veterinary drug importers and distributors, veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers, animal feed companies and  commercial animal farms