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GIEWS Update-detail
FAO/GIEWS Global Watch

Seasonal Floods Cause Concern in Central Mozambique

5 February 2005
Various reports indicated that Zambezi and Pungue rivers caused flooding due to heavy rains locally and in neighboring Zambia affecting 7 districts in central Mozambique -Caia, Marromeu, Dondo and Mhamatanda in Sofala province, Mopeia and Chinde in Zambezia, and Mutarara in Tete. The Zambezi Regional Water Board (ARA- Zambeze) issued a maximum alert on 1 February due to the rising water levels potentially affecting some 18 000 people in the flood plains (Mozambique's National Institute for Disaster Management, INGC). However, by 5th February, according to the Government Communiqué, the water levels were dropping in most regions except in Marromeu. Damage to main staple food crops such as maize and sorghum planted in November-December 2004 and cash crop sugar cane is unknown at this stage. More rain is expected and situation requires close monitoring.