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GIEWS Update-detail

Call for contributions to digital Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL)
The Sustainable Development Department (SDRN) and the Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS) of the FAO have launched the Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL) initiative aimed at developing standard Geographic Information System maps for the boundaries of administrative units. The initiative - complementary to other UN projects pursuing similar objectives - intends to compile and maintain spatial coverage representing the first and the second administrative units at global level. The “first administrative level” refers to the first administrative subdivision of a country (e.g. province) and the “second administrative level” (e.g. district) to the first administrative subdivision of the first level. A mechanism has been developed to keep track of changes in the boundaries over time and to maintain a consistent coding system throughout the layers.

GAUL will replace the administrative layers currently available in the GIEWS Workstation and it is expected to be widely used for future mapping projects.

The best available data sources have been used to compile the first version of GAUL; however, the second administrative level boundaries for some countries are not available (the list of these countries is provided in the table below).

All contributions to complete the second administrative unit level and/or improve on the current quality and reliability of the data will be greatly appreciated. Maps (preferably in digital form), links, contact persons or other useful information can help this process.

Please forward queries, information or data to:

Fabio Grita,
Coordinator "GIEWS Workstation", GCP/INT/952/EC
Tel: +39-06-57054262


Michela Marinelli,
GIS Specialist
Tel: +39-06-57053496

1Albania        34Maldives
2Algeria        35Liechtenstein
3Andorra        36Malaysia
4Austria        37Malta
5Bahrain        38Moldova, Republic of
6Belarus        39Mongolia
7Belize        40Netherlands
8Botswana        41New Zealand
9Brunei Darussalam        42Papua New Guinea
10Burkina Faso        43Poland
11Canada        44Puerto Rico
12Croatia        45Qatar
13Cyprus        46Republic of Korea
14Czech Republic        47Romania
15Dem People's Rep of Korea        48Russian Federation
16Dominican Republic        49Saint Kitts and Nevis
17Egypt        50Saint Lucia
18Equatorial Guinea        51Saudi Arabia
19Falkland Islands (Malvinas)        52Singapore
20Greenland        53Slovakia
21Hungary        54Sudan
22Iceland        55Swaziland
23Iraq        56Switzerland
24Ireland        57Tajikistan
25Israel        58The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
26Jamaica        59Trinidad and Tobago
27Japan        60Tunisia
28Jordan        61Turkmenistan
29Kazakhstan        62Ukraine
30Kuwait        63United Arab Emirates
31Latvia        64Uzbekistan
32Liberia        65Western Sahara
33Libyan Arab Jamahiriya        66Yemen