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البرنامج العالمي للتعداد الزراعي

World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020

Each round of agricultural censuses covers a ten-year period. The present round (WCA 2020) covers agricultural censuses to be undertaken between 2016 and 2025. The census of agriculture continues to play a key role in the collection of structural data on the agriculture sector. The WCA 2020 will ensure that data collected are comparable at the international level while also addressing emerging information needs of the 21st century.

Four modalities for conducting a census of agriculture are envisaged: the classical (one-off) approach, which is still widely used; the modular approach, which was introduced in the WCA 2010; the integrated census/survey modality, involving rotating survey modules over the years between two censuses; and the combined census modality, which uses administrative data. The concept of ‘essential’ items is re-introduced and ‘frame’ items are now separately identified for those countries wishing to adopt the modular approach or follow-up surveys. The programme emphasizes the benefits of the developments in information technology for census data collection, processing and dissemination. 

البرنامج العالمي للإحص اء 2020 الزراعي
االب لمجرنلادم ا ج لأووالملفاهيم والتعريفات

يتمّ تقديم الإرشاد للدول لإجراء إحصاء زراعي وطني من خلال برامج عقدية منذ عام 1930. يُفترض في هذا المنشور، البرنامج العالمي للإحصاء الزراعي 2020 (WCA 2020)، أن يقُدّم الإرشاد والتوجيه عن الإحصاءات الزراعية التي تقوم بها الدول في الفترة الواقعة بين 2016 و 2025 .

In print

World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume 2: Operational guidelines  (draft)

This publication will focus on the operational aspects for conducting a census of agriculture. It will deal with the practical details on the steps involved in actually conducting an agricultural census.