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(currently under development)

Energy is part of your daily life! We use energy to cook our food, to move around and for electricity. Can you imagine living without the Sun? Impossible! The Sun is our most important source of energy, giving us light and warmth, helping plants to grow, amongst many other things. People all around the world use energy from the Sun and other resources such as oil, wood and wind to meet their energy needs.

In this Challenge Badge you will learn about the different forms of energy we use, in particular the difference between renewable and non-renewable forms of energy. The period 2014-2024 has been declared the ‘Decade of Sustainable Energy for All’ and is being used to raise awareness about using energy wisely and to support cleaner energy for everyone.

Use the Energy Challenge Badge to explore, play and discover – and while you’re having fun, maybe you can even come up with some clever ways to help save energy in your home. We hope you’re fascinated by the different sources of energy in our world and use your creative energy to save energy in your community!

This badge is currently being developed. If you would like to be one of the first to pilot test it, write to us here.