Upcoming webinar on 17 November: Status of the world’s soil biodiversity metrics, methods, and initiatives


You are invited to attend a webinar on 17 November 2023 13:00-14:30 CET. 

The webinar aims to present the results of a global survey on the status of the world’s soil biodiversity metrics, methods and related initiatives. In addition, proposed metrics and methods for the Global Soil Biodiversity Observatory (GLOSOB) will be presented to the International Network on Soil Biodiversity (NETSOB) for community input. 

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Please find the tentative agenda below:

Opening remarks

10 minutesProf. Peter de Ruiter, NETSOB chair
10 minutesNatalia Eugenio-Rodriguez, GSP Secretariat

Session 1. Global survey on soil biodiversity


20 minutes

ITEM 1. introduction and background of global survey George Brown, NETSOB Measurements Working Group chair

ITEM 2. Summary of results of soil microbial measurements

ITEM 3. Summary of results on soil functional measurements

ITEM 4. Summary of results on soil fauna measurements


Session 2. Building a Global Soil Biodiversity Observatory - GLOSOB


10 minutes

ITEM 5. GLOSOB's objectives, scope, governance, and work plan

Jacob Parnell, FAO/GSP Secretariat

15 minutes

ITEM 6. Overview of SoilBON essential biological variables and method standardization

Carlos Guerra, Co-Lead of the global Soil Biodiversity Observation Network

25 minutesITEM 7. Panel discussion on how GLOSOB can benefit regional research and land management priorities (Moderated by Carlos Guerra)