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Objective(s) of the engagement

The objective of this collaboration is to undertake technical cooperation in specific countries, especially those countries in which FAO and Syngenta both operate. The parties will maintain close consultations with a view to coordinate policy and plans of action relating to weather influence on food and agriculture, and may work with local entities belonging to Syngenta to mutually develop, on a rolling basis, specific country-level programmes. FAO and Syngenta have agreed to explore the following areas for joint work: (i) promoting of financial tools to overcome barriers to access agro-technologies; (ii) providing technical and in-kind support to the Hand-in-Hand-Initiative country-level initiatives to be developed, especially in countries where Syngenta is already present and active; (iii) promoting innovative agri-business models for transferring agro-technology to small farmers, including digital development for effective agribusiness management; (iv) awareness raising of the risks associated with counterfeit products; (v) research on potential crops and value chain integration for more profitable farming; (vi) promoting more water efficient technologies; (vii) climate smart agriculture; (viii) risk management and crop insurance modelling; (ix) development of methodologies for assessing and improving food production based on geographic and weather products to support on-farm management; and (x) scientific and policy research and policy advocacy. 

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Environment
Global, Europe and Central Asia, Global or Regional
Engagement Mechanisms
Technical cooperation, Knowledge and research, Advocacy and communication, Innovation
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