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The partnership will allow COLEACP and the IPPC Secretariat to further shared goals and objectives with regards to i) enhancing global food security and increasing sustainable agricultural productivity, ii) protecting the environment from the impacts of plant pests, and iii) facilitating safe trade, development, and economic growth. The collaboration will focus on strengthening phytosanitary capacities: at a national level in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, and at a global level through training materials, workshops, communication and advocacy.
Geographic focusAfrica - Asia and the Pacific - Latin America and the Caribbean Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Environment - Life
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This partnership commits to undertake joint studies or projects in specific  areas; i) facilitate in capacity building and training, through internships, fellowships, and lectures, as appropriate; ii) promote knowledge sharing and dissemination of information; and iii) engage in advocacy and awareness-raising through joint events and exhibitions in areas of mutual interest. 
Geographic focusGlobal - Europe and Central Asia Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Environment
©FAO/Aamir Qureshi
The parties intend to collaborate on sound management of pesticides to reduce the risk of use of pesticides for sustainable crop production intensification and better protect human health and the environment. Data and information sharing regarding pest and pesticide management are a key objective of this Letter of Intent.
Geographic focusGlobal - Europe and Central Asia Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction
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Danone and FAO aim at contributing towards the elimination of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition as well as enabling inclusive and efficient agricultural food systems. The partners have identified areas of collaboration to strengthen food safety in order to enhance food security, to address interconnectivity of humans, animals and the environment via One Health and to improve public-private capacities in delivering climate goals with respect to agriculture and land use sectors.
Geographic focusGlobal Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Environment
©FAO/Heba Khamis
The partnership aims to synergize and amplify the work of both organizations in achieving food security and better nutrition outcomes, and providing more sustainable livelihoods for small producers in Egypt. Key priorities for collaboration include impact evaluation of food security initiatives, joint small producer support programmes, and policy support to the Egyptian government.
Geographic focusNear East and North Africa Egypt
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Life
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