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Mars Inc. has been a longstanding private sector partner of FAO since 2015 in the area of improving food safety and quality in agriculture production. Under this agreement, Mars will contribute towards the implementation of the FAO Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Mitigation Programme through the loaning of food safety experts.
Geographic focusGlobal Global or Regional
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition
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The Letter of Intent established between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth, Public Authority for small and medium enterprise (SME) Development, Oman India Fertiliser Company S.A.O.C (OMIFCO) and FAO declared their intention to work together and develop a joint partnership programme for strenghtening SME's capacities for sustainable apiculture value chain in the Sultanate of Oman, within the framework of private public partnerships. The collaboration intends to lead to improved rural livelihoods and Omani families' well-being through strenghtening the apiculture value chain while contributing to economic diversification.
Geographic focusNear East and North Africa Oman
Thematic areaProduction - Life
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FAO and Paradise Foods Ltd. aim to promote more inclusive and sustainable cocoa production value chains while creating income generation opportunities for smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The partnership will support smallholder farmers by improving the quality of their products, facilitating better market access and developing product certification schemes.
Geographic focusAsia and the Pacific Papua New Guinea
Thematic areaProduction - Life
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FAO and Pasona Group intend to increase knowledge sharing and dissemination of information on sustainable food and agriculture development, particularly through a Pasona-sponsored global institute known as the Awaji Youth Federation in Japan. They aim to do this primarily through training, internship and fellowship programmes, and to enhance knowledge sharing, advocacy and awareness raising through joint events.
Geographic focusGlobal - Asia and the Pacific Japan
Thematic areaProduction - Life
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FAO and Rabobank aim at supporting small-scale producers (smallholders) through better access to financial services. The partnership promotes public-private partnerships along the food chain as a means to reduce food loss and waste, improveproduction by providing farmers with the best raw materials and inputs, and strengthen farmers' organizations and cooperatives by offering them better access to technology and other services. Rabobank and FAO’s joint work focuses on formulating and implementing new initiatives, projects and joint activities at the country level, and supports capacity development through joint initiatives and the organization and participation in joint events.
Geographic focusAfrica - Europe and Central Asia - Latin America and the Caribbean Ethiopia - Kenya - Uganda - United Republic of Tanzania
Thematic areaProduction - Nutrition - Environment - Life
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