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A National Mega Project

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched the first stage of the national project for reclaiming and...

Fish Wealth in Egypt

The fish wealth in Egypt is one of the most important sources of national income,...

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Egypt is a big market for agricultural products, fruits and vegetables because it is endowed with the Nile River, fertile land and mild weather. Moreover, Egyptian crops are grown and monitored by the latest international regulations and European Standards.

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The ancient Egyptians loved onions and believed that their round shape and concentric rings symbolized...
For the second year in a row, Egypt has topped the list of countries that export oranges, with exports totaling...
Potato is one of the most important crops grown in Egypt for local consumption, export and processing. Potatoes are...
Tomato Crop is considered one of the Main pillars in the agricultural vegetables production in...
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Egypt is the largest rice producer in the Middle East region and it is one of...
Egyptian cotton is considered the best in the world. There are many grades within Egyptian cotton, depending upon the fiber length...
Egypt is ranked in the first place among the top five date – producing countries...
An ancient fruit and arguably the most popular in many parts of the world, were...

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