Product highlights - France

The diversity of unique local soil and climatic conditions, or terroirs, shaped by centuries old traditions, has resulted in unique food-related practices. Geographical Indications (GIs) were created to protect such exceptions: GIs are a recognition of the strong ties between a given product, its terroir, and human skills. They are Protected Designations of Origin (PDOs) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGIs). Such signs of quality guarantee that the origin of the product has given it special qualities, and they also seek to avoid illicit use of product designations and the misleading of consumers. Other quality labelling, such as for organic farming, highlight certain producer practices.

Explore France through its agricultural products and traditional food.

Products labelled under different quality labels reflect the extraordinary variety of France's gastronomic heritage. Production methods evolve according to increasingly demanding quality standards while enhancing the expertise accumulated over generations.