Innovations for agro-ecological transition

Agricultural innovation

France promotes the agro-ecological transition of its farms. 

Activities related to the energy and ecological transition demonstrate every day an increasing economic profitability on more and more markets. In the framework of the agricultural component of the grand plan d'investissement, an action called "demonstrators and territories of innovation of great ambition" has thus been launched to stimulate innovation in entreprises and sectors, by supporting agricultural businesses with a view to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Within this framework, three calls for projects dedicated to the bio-economy and environmental protection, the circular economy and energy systems have been launched.

The plan Écophyto aims to reduce the use of phytosanitary products (commonly known as pesticides) in France while maintaining economically efficient agriculture. The objectives of the plan are to speed up the withdrawal of substances of greatest concern and support the phase-out of glyphosate, promote the recognition and dissemination of biocontrol products and natural preparations of low concern, strengthen the prevention of public exposure to pesticides, support research and innovation, support farmers in the transition and mobilise and empower all stakeholders, from farmers to supermarkets.

France also encourages the environmental certification of farms, which responds to the need to recognise farms engaged in particularly environmentally friendly approaches and to society's expectations. This is a voluntary approach, accessible to all sectors and designed according to three levels of environmental progress.

France also intends to develop organic farming through the Organic Ambition 2022 programme, which aims to develop production to reach 15% of the surface in organic farming by 2022.

Finally, France is very active in promoting agro-ecology with other countries interested in these approaches. France was at the origin of the 4 pour 1000 initiative, Soil for food security and climate, and contributed actively to the 2 symposia organised by the FAO and the group of friends of agro-ecology in Rome. French research organisations (INRAE, CIRAD, IRD) are also mobilised in favour of agro-ecological innovation and international cooperation on this subject, alongside the French Development Agency (AFD).