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Country Leaflet

SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
TCP/KAZ/3904/C3 TCPF: Technical support for improving rural finance 2024 202548,000$
TCP/KAZ/3901 Contribution to development and further scaling up of healthy nutrition 2023 2025465,000$
TCP/KAZ/3902/C1 TCPF: Developing the Concept on food security and sustainable food systems 2023 202497,000$
TCP/KAZ/3903/C2 TCPF: Strengthening the Statistical System on Accounting for the Production of Agri-Food Products 2023 202475,000$
SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
OSRO/KAZ/007/USA Enhancing the One Health approach in Kazakhstan and its capacity to tackle AMR and zoonotic diseases 2023 2027550,000$
OSRO/KAZ/008/USA Global Health Security (GHS) Project - Kazakhstan 2023 2024650,000$
GCP /KAZ/004/HUN Supporting investments in smallholders inclusive agrifood value chain development in Kazakhstan 2020 2024474,429$
GCP /KAZ/11382P/GFF Integrated Natural Resources Management for Improved Ecosystem Conservation and Biodiversity Preservation 2024 2025150,000$
GCP /KAZ/005/GFF Kazakhstan Resilient Agroforestry and Rangeland Project 2023 20271,940,367$