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SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
TCP/SRL/3904 Technical assistance for the development of a self-sustained culture-based inland fisheries cluster model in Ampara district 2023 2025150,000$
TCP/SRL/3901 Streamlining of good quality seed and planting material production, quality assurance and marketing system 2022 2024200,000$
TCP/SRL/3902 Technical assistance in sea cucumber aquaculture and processing, restocking and management of depleted wild resources 2022 2024200,000$
TCP/SRL/3903 Improving smallholder dairy production through the introduction of quality forage varieties and improved nutrition management practices 2022 2024200,000$
SímboloTítuloa partir deaPresupuesto total
OSRO/SRL/083/JPN Development of Self-sustained Culture-based Inland Fisheries to ensure Food and Nutritional Security and Livelihood Improvements in Rural Communities in Sri Lanka 2024 20253,000,000$
MTF /SRL/083/BMG UniNet Ag - Interoperability Framework and Integrated Database for Agriculture Sector in Sri Lanka 2023 2026495,049$
OSRO/SRL/205/USA Immediate Support to Paddy Farmers in Response to the current Economic and Food Crisis in Sri Lanka 2022 202746,000,000$
GCP /SRL/080/EC Responding to the Economic Crisis: Protecting smallholder farmer livelihoods with safe and efficient use of fertilizer and quality seed for better productivity in paddy farming. 2022 20244,146,410$
GCP /SRL/11233P/GFF "Sustainable, regenerative and resilient rice-based food systems to strengthen community and ecosystem health in three river basins of Sri Lanka" (PPG) 2024 2025150,000$
GCP /SRL/11352P/GFF Addressing marine hypoxia in the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem by reducing land-based agricultural pollution in the north-west of Sri Lanka (PPG) 2024 2025100,000$
GCP /SRL/079/GCR Capacity enhancement to assess climate finance by developing climate smart investment mechanism 2023 2025720,017$
UNJP/SRL/076/EC Mainstreaming standards-based best practices for agri-food sector development 2021 20251,852,509$
GCP /SRL/074/CBT Enhancing and bridging knowledge gaps in Sri Lanka`s NDC implementation of AFOLU sector (MSP) (FSP) 2021 2024863,242$
GCP /SRL/073/CPR Technical Assistance under the South-South Cooperation (SSC) with the People`s Republic of China in support of improving production and commercialization of priority fruit value chains in Sri Lanka 2018 20251,550,866$