Evaluation at FAO

Njemena, Chad - Vendors selling vegetables at the central market

Country Programme Evaluation of FAO in Chad

The main purpose of this evaluation is to draw lessons from the implementation of the 2017-2021 Country Programme in Chad and to make recommendations to the country office for the development of the new cycle of the Country Programming Framework (CPF). The CPF guides the collaboration FAO with Chad through jointly identified priority areas.

The current CPP covers the period 2017-2021 and is structured around the following priority areas:

  • development of value chains in the sectors of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, for the strengthening food and nutrition security
  • formulation and implementation of sectoral policies and strategies for food security and nutrition
  • development and sustainable management of natural resources for resilience building.

What does the evaluation cover?

The evaluation covers all of FAO's work in Chad during the period 2017-2021. It aims to assess:

  • the relevance of the FAO country programme
  • the strategic positioning of the Organization in relation to other development and humanitarian actors
  • FAO's contribution to the three CPF priority areas
  • the approaches and capacities of FAO in Chad to respond to the challenges posed by recurrent crisis situations.

The assessment also aims to identify good practices, causes of successes and failures, and potential areas of work for the next CPF.