Evaluation at FAO

National evaluation capacity development

FAO’s Office of Evaluation (OED) has stepped up its commitment to supporting national evaluation capacity development (NECD). Improving national ownership reinforcing capacity to manage, produce and use evaluations in developing countries can help accelerate their development and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

OED is committed to strengthening national ownership of evaluation processes and developing national evaluation capacities by:

  • Promoting the participation of government counterparts in the governance and conduct of evaluations.
  • Engaging local experts as members of evaluation teams.
  • Promoting initiatives to raise awareness of evaluation and support individual capacity.

Our vision

National institutions working in agriculture, rural development and food security increasingly demand, commission and use evaluative evidence to support decision-making. This allows them to develop policies and programmes that effectively lead towards the achievement of goals related to ending hunger and malnutrition, fostering sustainable food systems and contributing towards all Sustainable Development Goals.

In Focus
EvalForward Community of Practice

EvalForward is a Community of Practice on evaluation for food security, agriculture and rural development.

Review of monitoring and evaluation capacities in the agriculture sector

This study was conducted with EvalForward Community of Practice to clarify monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities, capacities and dynamics taking place in Ministries of Agriculture.

United Nations contributions to national evaluation capacity development and the evolution of national evaluation systems

Progress report on activities by United Nations agencies on building capacity for the evaluation of development activities at the country level and suggest areas for improvement.