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E-learning courses on monitoring and evaluation

Developing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan for food security and agriculture programmes

This course has the objective to support countries and regions in planning the information needs for monitoring, pilotage and evaluation during the life of their Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture programmes. The course, also, offers practical guidance on building an M&E system which is feasible, practical and relevant to the programme’s needs.

Monitoring and evaluation of child labour in agriculture

This course demonstrates how strong monitoring systems of agricultural programmes can incorporate child labour indicators, suggesting useful strategies. It also provides methodologies to consider when evaluating and reporting on evidence that suggests child labour may have been impacted by an agricultural initiative.

Theory-based impact evaluation for rural poverty reduction

This course is the fifth in a series of e-learning courses on Rural Poverty Reduction. It considers the importance of evaluation of multisectoral strategies for poverty reduction, and describes and discusses the six principles of which theory based impact evaluations should be based in order to identify and test the causal mechanism through which these strategies leads to certain outcomes.

How to monitor and promote policy changes on governance of tenure

The course provides guidance on some of the main issues to consider when implementing a monitoring activity: how to select the most appropriate approach or to identify the best data sources for monitoring, how to effectively communicate the results of the monitoring activity to maximize its effect on policy change.

Qualitative Methods for Assessing the Impact of Development Programmes on Food Security

The objective of this course is to provide guidance and to assist programme managers, and monitoring and evaluation officers on the use of qualitative methods to assess the impact of food security and nutrition development programmes.

Developing a learning agenda to support emergency and resilience programming

The course provides a plan for developing, sharing and using learning to inform and improve interventions aiming at tackling food crises and strengthening the resilience of agrifood systems. The course can help you embed knowledge management in your emergency and resilience work. 

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