Evaluation at FAO

Democratic Republic of Congo © FAO/Giulio Napolitano

Country Programme Evaluation of FAO in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The evaluation seeks to assess FAO's strategies in the DRC and their contributions to rebuilding livelihoods, improving food security as well as issues and challenges related to the operationalization of the humanitarian and development nexus and FAO's contribution to peacekeeping. Evaluation also has an accountability function vis-à-vis FAO management, the Government, partners and various stakeholders, including the beneficiary populations.

The evaluation covers all of FAO's work in the DRC during the period 2017-2022. Its objective is to assess:

  • the relevance of the FAO country programme
  • the strategic positioning of the Organization
  • FAO's contributions to the results identified in the CPF regarding priority areas
  • institutional performance and identification of factors that have facilitated or hindered FAO's work, good practices as well as lessons learned drawn.