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Codex webinar series to discuss critical text on antimicrobial resistance


A webinar to discuss key issues on a Codex text regarding antimicrobial resistance (AMR), currently being drafted, will take place online on 19 and 20 January 2021.

Working groups are established by Codex committees, usually to develop draft texts between sessions and traditionally operate by correspondence through online platforms such as forums and commenting systems. The suspension of formal physical committee meetings and the need to advance work, combined with experience and familiarity gained by many in participating in virtual events has enabled the Codex Secretariat to work with its membership to set up a series of online webinars.

“Our experience with the groundbreaking 43rd Codex Alimentarius Commission held online and a willingness on behalf of the experts who give their time as Codex Members and Observers to keep work moving forward, has encouraged us to put together events such as this webinar on Codex Guidelines for the Integrated Monitoring and Surveillance of Foodborne AMR”, said Gracia Brisco, Codex Secretariat.

Webinars provide an opportunity for more direct exchanges than the forum-based process and are especially valuable for those countries who may not ordinarily be able to take part in the work or attend physical meetings.

Rosa Peran is a Senior Advisor in the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and chairs the working group that is drafting the text. “We expect to have a valuable exchange of views on those parts of the document where opinions still differ in order to build as broad a consensus as possible before the next task force session”, she said.

Reminding countries of the need for collective action on AMR, Yong Ho Park, Chairperson of the AMR task force, hosted by the Republic of Korea, said: “I am pleased that every possible tool is being made available to prepare for the plenary meeting and we look forward to hearing the thoughts of all those taking part”.

Members and Observers will find details of the webinar including how to register on the Codex website.


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