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India’s Confederation of Indian Industry to address poultry-related issues for World Food Safety Day


The Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will concentrate on poultry for this year’s World Food Safety Day. In collaboration with the multi stakeholder initiative, Surakshit Khadya Abhiyan (SKA), the CII will run two digital training events aimed at the prevention and control of avian influenza and COVID19, by “addressing the myths and concerns related to food safety of poultry products while also controlling and preventing its spread.” 

The morning session is aimed at food business operators, specifically poultry workers, farm workers and live poultry sellers. It will address a whole range of related issues, including the transmission of avian influenza (AI), biosecurity practices to prevent the introduction of AI from live and dead birds and outbreak control.

In the afternoon, the CII-SKA partnership is organizing a webinar for consumers, with the aim of raising awareness more broadly.

These events will take place at 10:00 Indian Standard Time (04:30 GMT) and 15:00 IST (09:30 GMT) respectively

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